Firefox Question

We recently switched internet service providers. I got online today and when I opened up Firefox, it asked me to create a “profile” or something. I had never seen it before. I picked “default” and it said I couldn’t use “default” because it was already in use. So I just created a new profile and it was called “default two” or something like that.

Now none of my bookmarks or saved passwords are here. Is there any way to get my old stuff back? I have only been using Firefox for a few months so I don’t know a whole lot about how it works.


Usually, when this happens to me, it’s because the first instance of Firefox hasn’t been completely shut down. If you Alt-Control-Delete and go to Task Manager, I bet there will be two separate Firefoxes running. Kill them both and try starting it up again, and you should be back to your original profile.

Er… go to “Processes” within Task Manager, I mean.

Jimmy nailed it. That solves the problem every time I have it (which, thankfully, is pretty rare.)

Okay, thanks so much! I’m not going to be at my computer until tomorrow but I will try it then. I’ll let you know if it works but if a couple people have had the same problem before and that’s how they have fixed it, I’m sure it will work.

I don’t know what I’d do without the Dope. Just fume quietly to myself at the loss of my bookmarks, I guess.