Are romantic comedies like crack?

I, for one, cannot get enough of “witty” romantic comedies with the misunderstandings, and the missed timing and the missed opportunities and the blah blah blah, and then the correct couple ends up together. Do I have a problem?

This weekend a friend and I rented (all of which I’ve seen before):
The MatchMaker
Say Anything
The Night We Never Met
If Lucy Fell

This weekend I saw:
three of the above PLUS
Pride and Prejudice (the 5.5 hour miniseries)

Last night:
Bridget Jones’s Diary


One of my all-time favorites:
Crossing Delancey
Do you share my addiction? Can you hook me up?

Well, let’s see.
You go to do something you know is gonna be bad for you, and you have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. It makes you feel good for a short time, but you’re ashamed of it later. You probably don’t tell most of your friends because they might try to make you stop if they knew.


If you mean like crack in that I have no desire to partake in it, then yes, they are a lot like crack

Yes, it’s exactly like crack, except I really wouldn’t know because I’ve never taken crack never nosirree bob . . .

Very addictive. (the movies, not the crack, although I’ve heard that it is . . . :stuck_out_tongue: )

Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth–woohoo!)
Only You
Sense & Sensibility
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Much Ado About Nothing

I don’t know if you’d class it with these, but I totally love Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. :cool:

After reading your formula, the first movie that popped into my mind (an oldie, but goodie) was “Some Kind of Wonderful”.

Good one, will re-view it!

I’ve noticed that a lot of movies that are listed as “romance comedy” are in fact dark comedy, just a bit on the light side. Seven Girlfriends is one example.

I have nothing to say but “you saw If Lucy Fell!” It is my goal to convince as many people as possible to see that and Empire Records :slight_smile:

At first viewing, Crossing Delancey was a really cute little film. But the second time I saw it it became clear that Amy Irving’s character, despite being cute as hell, really wasn’t a very nice person. The focus of the film is, of course, her realizing that the pickle guy is a real find. But from a guy’s perspective, I have to wonder if the pickle guy got such a good deal. She really treated him like dirt during the film. In order for a romantic comedy to work for me, the main character had to deserve to find Mr. (or Miss) Right. In this case, I sort of thought that Amy Irving’s character deserved to end up with the shallow author type.

Four Weddings and a Funeral - one of my all time favs

I saw an interview with Peter Riegert in which he claims this movie has brought him more declarations of fan love than any other. I can believe it, I am in love with him every time I watch it.

Don’t you think Isabelle was at all redeemed by the end?