Are self-questioners annoying? Yes. Will they stop? Probably not.

Are self-questioners annoying? Sure.

What is self-questioning? It’s when people ask questions of themselves so they can immediately supply the answer they want.

Could they accomplish the same goal without self-questions. Yes, by using declarative sentences.

Could I write an entire post this way? Sure, just by putting a question before every statement I want to make.

Is this tactic annoying? As all fuck.

Will it stop? Not anytime soon?

Has there been a lot of it lately? You can find examples with a Google News search just by searching for the first three words of a question.

Does it yield a lot of examples? You get Phillies general manager Ed Wade saying, “Have there been bumps in the road along the way? Sure there have.”

Do you see that a lot in sports stories? Well, there’s South Carolina coach Lou Holtz saying: “Could our players have played any harder? No. Could we have played any better? Possibly.”

Do I have a clever name for this technique that combines saying and asking? I call it “sasking.”

Does “sasking” have a chance of catching on in popular lingo? A snowball’s chance.

Is it limited to sports? Not when you have police officials saying things like ``Could we have avoided some of the attacks? Probably not."

Do scientists talk like that? There was this one who said “Should we have a presence in the deep ocean? Absolutely.”

Do I have a hunch about where “sasking” started? It sound like politician-ese to me.

So, do I blame politicians? Of course. I always blame politicians. Especially because I see this all the time from press secretaries, candidates, and people testifying before Congress.

Is this rant lame? Kinda.

Should I get a life? Probably.

Do I agree with the above statement? Nope.

Do I hope it doesn’t actually catch on? Damn right.

Do I think he’s REALLY talking about me and is using the other examples to put me off the scent? Yes.

Is it being popularized by more people than Rumsfeld? Apparently so. Is it a good technique for controlling an interview or press availability by selectively phrasing a question as self-favorably as possible? Damn right.

I really, really wanted to post a three page reply to your question, but then I asked myself, “would it be better if I just didn’t?” …

Is it a coincidence that the relevant Seinfeld epsiode was on last night?

(The rest of this post left intentionally blank)

ElvisL1ves, are you suggesting some kind of conspiracy involving Rumsfeld? the Bush Administration? Politicians in general? I believe you are!

Have we given any thought to what to name multiple sasking strings?
Have we given any thought to what to name multiple sasking strings that repeat the same beginning?
Have we given any thought to what to name multiple sasking strings that repeat the same beginning but elaborate using progressively longer endings?
Have we given any thought to what to name multiple sasking strings that repeat the same beginning but elaborate using progressively longer endings and which are in turn answered by questions?
How about polysasking?
How about polyhomosasking?
How about progressive polyhomosasking?
How about rhetorical progressive polyhomosasking?

Is this thread ridiculous? Absolutely.
Does this thread rock, nonetheless? Ya damn skippy it does!

I think that’s the official sport of West Hollywood.

:slight_smile: ? :smiley: .

Does Dan Patrick do this a lot on his radio program? Yes, he does. Do I turn the radio off when he starts doing that? Yes, I do.

Have I stopped beating my wife? Why yes. Um, I mean no! I mean… Aw crap.

No. I think there is a use - if you suspect you know where someone will disagree, you can make it plain what you’ve assumed, so they know where to cut in. Or, if you have an answer, but want them to think first, ie. rhetorical questions.

Of course, I agree that it seems massively overused where it’s completely innapropriate. Why? IMHO because it gives you a chance to think of the answer.

Does the issue deserve a rant? No, it doesn’t.
Do I think the OP is amusing? Yes, although only mildly.
Do I have anything of interest to contribute? Not really.
Why don’t I shut the fuck up? Because I don’t have a fuck to shut up.
Do I make sense? No, I don’t.
Do I think I should make sense? Maybe, maybe not.
etc? etc.

What about people who give answers and then ask the questions? Ksasing. Is that what it’s called? Or people who say everything as if it was a question? Do you want an example? Do you have shares in a manufacturer of question marks? What’s the best way to punctuate “Did he say ‘Do I make sense?’?”?

Do we end questions with a question mark? Yes, we do. :wink:

What is the capital of Germany? I agree with the OP, it’s tres annoying non? Yes, yes it is.

Are threads like this really necessary? What do we hope to gain? One more post? Oh, OK.

Maybe if we try really really hard, “Sasking” could replace that currently overused SMDB cliché about d**th r*ys.

Was sasking really big in the 1920’s? Yes, a 1920’s style death sasking was not unheard of in the Crisis Years.

Did Knowed Out see that one coming? From a mile away, I bet. :smiley:

But will they be replaced later by 1930’s style polyhomosaskings? yes yes they will.

Is this a post just to increase my post count? I will leave that up to the reader to decide.

Is polyhomosasking a bunch of gay men standing around asking questions like the ones the op is talking about? It could be.

What else could polyhomosasking be? Damned if I know.

Do I think the word “polyhomosasking” is the funniest thing I have read today? Well, so far anyway.