Are self-questioners annoying? Yes. Will they stop? Probably not.

Is it called Shakespeare? Yes. To be, or not to be. That is the question.

I call that Band Camp Girl talk?

Would I punctuate it … “Did he say, ‘Do I make sense?’” Yes I would. Will others disagree? Inevitably.

Is this getting old now? Yes.

Then why am I adding another post to the thread? I don’t know.

Is preview my friend? Yes, but you’d think we’re estranged.

Should I do a smacky? :smack:

Do I hate grammar Nazis? Soooooooo much.

Have I noticed you sasking before, dropzone? No. Will I be watching for it now? You betcha.

Was I thinking of Rumsfeld when I wrote the original post on sasking? Yes I was. Could I find a recent example from him to use? Unfortunately not.

Did I know that Seinfeld did an episode on this? No. Am I embarrassed? Yes.

Putting the sasking on hold, I can see where it would come in handy. I see it from people who are used to answering questions – people in the news who are frequently interviewed and face tough questions (coaches and players, etc.), or people in politics where there is a good deal of back-and-forth. But does it get old when average people start sasking? You bet.

Were you right? Yes. Do teenagers go “go” and not “say”? You know it.

Is the complaint set forth by the OP a pet peeve of mine? you bet.
And thus did I find it somewhat cathartic to read said OP? of course.

But am I amused by the whole “polyhomosasking” hijack? absolutely!

And who puts all other saskers to shame? Mr X, that’s who!

Is this something new? No it’s not.
Has it been done before? Yes it has.
Where am I going with this? I don’t know
When will I get there? I ain’t certain
Will you help me paint my wagon? ::ouch:: I thought so.

Was the smiley unintended? yes it was.
Does it work? yes it does.

Has this topic been discussed before? Of course.
Have I posted about it before? Um, I don’t know …

Will “sasking” gain a place in lingo? Maybe, but it’ll probably end up being a word for some kind of weird sex act involving a penis.

“OK, folks complaining 'bout my sasking,” well…sure, sasking in and of itself can seem quite trite. But are there other techniques that can be used in concert with sasking to perhaps better allow one to express more complex points? I think so.

[Ted Koppel] Can, for instance, a sasker, that is to say one who is asking himself outloud the very question he has every intention of answering, choose to articulate that question in such a way so as to illustrate a deeper and likely more obscure meaning aaaand perspective regarding the issues inherent in that question, thus creating a greater weight in terms of importance regarding the inevitable answer, by perhaps reciting the question in question using an impression of a celebrity or famous newsperson, like myself, in order to better define the general group, or the individuals, or individual, from who said question is likely to come? [/Ted Koppel]

Of course. It would be silly to think otherwise.

Is not the source or a question, as well as its context just as important as the question itself in terms of understanding it? Sure it is!

And thus can not the way a question is presented have a great influence on the answer’s effect.

for example, is it likely an interrog ative skyblue JET could eat t h r o u g h THE restraints ofa * beachFRONT* poliTticaL forum? Potato.

This post has no point. I took my sleeping meds, but decided to stay up a bit. weeee!!!

What should we call especially annoyting people who do this?


What should we call multiple saskings that drip with irony?

That’s perfect.

All’s it needs is a poly-ester toupee.

Annoyed Husband: Edith, why do you always answer my questions with questions?

Edith: Do I, dear?

How about those that make every statement a question?

So, I was driving the car? Down fourth street? And I saw this guy who was, like, really drunk? And he had his thing out? And I was all like ewww and stuff?

Stop it…the suspense is killing me…