Are there any black goths?

I don’t mean black kids that are goths for Halloween or parties, but ones that really live the Goth dress up and makeup lifestyle when they go out to the mall etc.

Yes. But they skip the face paint, IME.

Yes. Aside from the ones I know personally, Eric Nuzum writes about an all-black goth conclave in his book The Dead Travel Fast.

I used to know a few back in my club-going days, yeah. One of the girls was also a goth/industrial DJ.

I have a friend from college who claimed that she was so goth, she was BORN black.

Aside from an odd obsession with My Little Ponies, she was very goth as far as I can tell. No signs of her taking part in the sacking of Rome, but it’s a long road trip to Italy from College Station, Texas.

A fairly common joke, it seems. (Or it could be that I have encountered your friend online.)

I think MrDibble has said he is a black goth.

Yup. I’ve gone clubbing with a few black goths. Hardcore industrial, raver/techno, and bondage.

Yeah, I knew plenty of black goths in high school.

Very irate, pagan goth, fan of My Little Ponies and Micheal Jackson?:smiley:

Of course, but do they also play hockey?

I used to be one (well, Coloured, but I think I’d be black in America)

ETA - I still listen to the music, and go clubbing, I just dress slightly more normal nowadays, plus I was never into the pirecing-and-tats side of things. I do wear all-black often, and Docs, but I mostly wear jeans, linen shirts and courduroy or velvet blazers nowadys.

Also, yeah, never into the makeup, nor were most of my Coloured compadres. But I still have hair that can go from its usual 'fro to a Robert Smith bird’snest with enough product.

ETA - yes, I’ve also played a Goth in the SCA. Well, a Gottlander, anyway.

I know her. I was about to say “I know someone who…” Same woman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah, I should add that I’ve been a Goth since basically 1980, when I first heard Joy Division’s Atmosphere/Dead Souls and Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead and Terror Couple Kill Colonel. So I’m an Elder Thing, as we say here.

Haven’t seen many where I live now, but they seem to be thriving in England. I met a bunch of them when I lived in London a few years ago. Quite a few of them had a totally badass New Orleans voodoo flavoured Goth thing going on, something I couldn’t see a white person pulling off nearly as well. There was this one guy I had a crush on who looked like baron Samedi. Oh man. I still get a bit weak in the knees thinking about it.

They were not only goths, but more specifically, vampires.

Back in my night club days I knew a few black goths (or at least 1988 proto-goths), and being Canadian, yes - they played hockey too.

I’m picturing Wesley Snipes in Blade.

I’ve known a couple. If the OP was wondering about black Goths and white pancake makeup in particular, the heavy makeup isn’t really that common even among white Goths. Thinking of the Goths I knew in high school, few wore heavy makeup on a regular basis. Some did not normally wear makeup at all, and for those who did it was often just eyeliner, eyeliner and lipliner, or eyeliner and lipstick. Some must have worn a lot more makeup if they were going clubbing or something, but not many bothered when they were just hanging out.