Are there any nutrition shakes that do not taste like Satan's breakfast cereal?

Seriously, rotten Cheerioes or something. I’ve tried the common ones…Boost, Ensure, hmm, one of the Slim fasts. Well, I’m on partial bed rest (meaning, be even more of a couch potato unless I have to pee or the 2 year old is playing with knives), and for various reasons, mostly bloat and other Gi issues, want to give this a whirl instead of dinner.

Anyway, I can’t run around and try all the different shakes, I need to send my husband and just tell him what to grab, or order online. So does anyone know of any that are reasonably healthy yet maybe a little less filled with whatever vitamin/mineral reeks so bad? I have a hard enough time keeping the prenatal vitamin down.

I’m easy on the particulars. Lower carb/sugar would be great as I have gotten plenty fat enough already, but as long as it isn’t Weight Gainer 4000 I’m happy. Oh, and alternatives to shakes would work (fortified bouillon?) if any exist.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone knows of something good!!!

I like the Special K dark chocolate protein shakes (just had one for lunch). 190 calories, 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber. Don’t really like the milk chocolate ones.

Can you send your husband out for yogurt + fruit and have him throw them in a blender for you instead? Otherwise, you’ll probably be in for at least a little trial’n’error. One person’s “ZOMB everything tastes better with this on top!” is another person’s “Satan’s own invention.”


My sister always claimed that the CVS brand strawberry shakes were the best tasting of all the nutrition shakes she tried. That was several years ago though and they could easily have reformulated by now.

Just chop up some Flintstones Gummy Vitamins and sprinkle them on a DQ Blizzard.

I agree. I personally love the Atkins and EAS shakes and they’re low carb but my stomach can handle the sugar alcohols. Maybe yours can’t - especially if you are having GI issues already.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about re: rotten Cheerios. Most protein powder smells kinda weird so it makes sense that the shakes do too.

I would get some 2% fat Greek yogurt, flaxmeal, berries, Splenda and make smoothies. I wouldn’t even add protein powder - that is what is giving you the weird taste.

A multivitamin and a protein shake would be less expensive and taste better and give you better overall nutrition.

SAMS club Premier Protein shakes are decent tasting and relatively economical.

The best tasting shake to me is this Muscle Milk Banana Creme but it isn’t cheap.

Between the berries, bananas, yogurt, etc. you won’t even tell there’s tofu in there too.

ETA: nor beets, either.

I like the SlimFast chocolate shakes, both the pre-made ones and the powder-to-add-to-milk ones. If I’m at home, I’ll put them in a blender and add ice and a banana.

Ditto on the Premier Protein, which is also available at Costco, or online. DO NOT buy vanilla, however, in my opinion it will be the last straw. Chocolate is decent.

I also like Met-RX meal replacement (powder you have to mix with water), chocolate, also tastes decent.

I’ve tried a lot of these things, and really none of them is better than “decent.”

Give Glucerna a try. Avoid the vanilla as it tastes more like vitamins than vanilla, but the chocolate and strawberry are quite decent. Think they also have a butter pecan flavor. They’re low-carb, intended for diabetics and people who’ve had bariatric surgery that can’t have a lot of sugar. One big plus is that nearly every grocery store sells it.

Celebrate Vitamins makes a chicken soup flavored protein shake. I’ve never tried it - we just buy vitamins from them. A lot of people seem to like Chike’s products as well, but again, I can’t confirm or deny, and you probably won’t find these at stores. Both of these companies specialize in bariatric supplements.

A dietician told me just use Carnation Instant Breakfast. I haven’t checked the sugar content, but he said for nutrition, that’s as good as you’re going to get, and it tastes good, and it’s not spendy. Mix with skim if you like.

Dunno where you are, but out here Shamrock Farms protein milk drinks are good, not spendy and don’t have that “Christ what died in this taste.” Ice cold. Over ice. I like the strawberry.

Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s (one of) the vitamins they put in these supplements, because my multivitamin tastes the same way. :frowning: I just don’t know which ones make that…funk. I guess I was hoping for a protein shake or something that didn’t have a ton of extra vitamins, since I already take a pill.

I think I will try the Atkins first since I know they are readily available. I wish I had a Costco around. GotPasswords, yours sound interesting too and I’ll see if Amazon has the chicken flavored one. :slight_smile:

DummyGladHands Not sure if we have Shamrock Farms in Indiana…I will keep my eye out.

Czarcasm, don’t make me cry. The DQ is closed for the winter here and I have been craving a Reese’s or cheesecake Blizzard for months. Gahh!

Thanks, everybody!

It’s probably the B vitamins that you’re smelling. Nasty but oh so important.

In the morning, I throw a scoop of protein powder and a scoop of women’s nutrition (vitamins) a handful of frozen fruit and some almond milk.

I have in the past used Greek Yogurt for the protein, Bulk Barn has unflavoured protein powder.