I need a good chocolate protein shake that doesn't taste like crap

I’m very picky, unfortunately.

I really like slimfast shakes and carnation instant breakfast. Something that tasted close to those would be good.

It has to be really high in protein.


Have you thought about concocting your own? Maybe adding some protein powder to a Slimfast (which I love too!)?

I tried adding some protein powder to a carnation instant breakfast, but it made the texture sort of slimy and gross. Plus I’d really like something that has a pre-measured amount of X Y and Z that I can take with me whereever…

How are you feeling, by the way???

Try one of those high protein body building shakes.

You can get protein powder from nutritional suppliers that tastes pretty good. The juice store I used to work at had a soy-based protein powder that was vaguely vanilla-y and did not have a bad texture at all.

I’d suggest going the route of mixing some stuff like that in with a regular batch of the Carnation goodness.
As far as ready-to-use single servings, that’s a bit harder. Maybe dump a scoop of the protein into the Carnation pouch and like tape it back up or something? Kind of budget but it would work if you only needed to store it from like breakfast until lunch time and you could mix it up then…

Beyond that I’d go with CRorex’s suggestion. Ask around at a health food store or a gym or something. They’ll know.

get yourself some soy protein (all kinds to choose from at the natural foods store)
Blend it up with some berries, banana, and soy milk. wow! its delicious and propells me thru the morning with energy to spare!

I’m not supposed to be using Carnation instant breakfast because it has too many carb calories. Also, as I said, I don’t want to have to custom blend somehting every single time. Ideally I’d like something that came in little pouches that I could throw in my purse.

The protein powder that I currently use is flavorless and can be added to any food or drink… but I didn’t like the texture it added. It made it sort of pasty/slimy.

Also keep in mind that at the VERY MOST I can drink maybe a cup of liquid at a time, and by “at a time” I mean over a 15 minute period or so.

Kalhoun: I’m doing very well! I feel pretty much totally normal, except for a little bit of pain if I bump my abdomen or if I stretch too much.

Dont get soy protein shakes, they are crap. Always go with whey protein, they have a better amino acid profile and is not estrogenic like soy. MetRx “Protein Plus” (not their standard model) shakes taste pretty damn good, as is the one from Cytdodyne. The various styles range from 35 - 60+ grams of protein per serving (less than a cup). Three servings of that a day and you’ll have more than enough protein to keep you going.

I guess they’ll come out to about 3 bucks or more per serving. Well worth it, as buying a filet of salmon or a t-bone steak will cost far more.

Go to GNC and try out different ones.

Pinnacle Juiced Protien. Best Tasting protein ever. Its a bit pricey but it is the only protein I can hold down. I actually ENJOY it, which
is rare for supplements.

Pinnacle Juiced Protien. Best Tasting protein ever. Its a bit pricey but it is the only protein I can hold down. I actually ENJOY it, which
is rare for supplements.

My mother had an open RNY almost a month ago and she’s having a hard time finding something that tastes good, too.

I just sent my mother these links from the questions and answers section on the obesityhelp website, where some people gave their opinions on some of the protein drinks.

Otherwise, I hope your DS is working out for you. I considered the DS, but since I have ulcerative colitis, that would make me have to set up house in the bathroom. :o So, I’m going with the Lap RNY. I have another appointment with my surgeon on Monday, 12/17 and we’ll hopefully be setting a date! Yay!

Best wishes to you!

I like Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Egg Protein a lot better than the Whey mixes I have tried (including Optimum Nutrition’s whey mix). It’s considerably more expensive, but I found I have to use a lot less for some reason. It has a vague chocolate-malt flavor that I like, and it doesn’t make me thirsty or leave an icky aftertaste like the whey version. Netrition has good prices and cheap shipping. I’m not sure if it comes in individual packages, though.

I don’t like the Soy ones I have tried at all.


FWIW, my “friend”[sup]*[/sup] Jeremy highly recommends Scandishake®.

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Ack! No, not Scandishake! Waaaaay too many calories for the protein content.

Always go with whey protein, like has been mentioned. The stuff I have is Isopure. Not a bad taste (although not as tasty as MetRx,) and has 300 cal, 25 g of total carbs, and 50 g of protein, which is excellent. It also has a pretty darn great vitamin/micronutrient profile as well.

You can get it in vanilla, chocolate, orange creamsicle, strawberries and cream (STAY AWAY FROM THOSE LAST TWO! YECH!,) and chocolate peanut butter swirl (yummy!)

Ah, I should have mentioned that it’s 50 g of protein per 12 ounces of drink. Good number, that.

Try the protein shake “Grow” from Biotest. It’s low-carb and actually tastes quite good. I’ve had both chocolate and vanilla. I like the chocolate much better. Also, they have a buy two, get one free deal, so the price isn’t as bad as it looks at first glance.

I like cytosport’s Muscle Milk, which has a higher carb count and fat count than the cheap Value-Whey that I get at Vitamin World. But the Muscle Milk still has mostly protein, and it tastes very good.

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