I need a good chocolate protein shake that doesn't taste like crap

There is no way I could afford $3 per serving. (And I’ve never bought or eaten a filet of salmon or a t-bone steak in my life. I’m a vegetarian heh)

** porcupine ** what do you mean by a *vague * chocolate-malt flavor? Like that the malt part is vague, or that the whole flavor is vague? I really need something that is VERY CHOCOLATY.

I’m writing down everyone’s suggetions…

My criteria:

Highest protein possible
low calories
low carbs
low fat
small serving size

http://www.protein-solution.com this is another one that has been recommended to me… anyone tried it? They have a discount for bariatric surgery patients…

Peace, scott. I assure you that I’m as chill as chill can be. I just took a look at that 600 calorie figure and had a momentary panic attack. I’m over it. Many humble apologies. :slight_smile:

Opal, to clarify, the chocolate taste is definitely very chocolately; it’s the malty taste that’s kind of vague.

I made my own by using a high protien mix and low carb syrup

Another vote for MetRx. That is some tasty stuff. And if you get bored with shakes, you can even make high-protein chocolate pudding with it!

Possibly the nastiest stuff I’ve ever had was Myoplex. I don’t know if they even still make it. It’s very high in protein, but you have to gag it down.

The last stuff I bought was just some GNC-brand whey protein that could be mixed easily with water. The taste is nothing spectacular, but at least it’s drinkable.

Ok… how much protein is in the MetRx? And can I beat you guys up if it’s gross? I’m gonna get something this weekend, and I’m basing it all on what you losers recommend!

Opalcat, I have nothing to add but my hope that everything works out well for you.

Sorry I have nothing to add but that. :slight_smile:

According to the MetRx website, the regular stuff (MetRx Total Nutrition) has 37 grams of protein per serving. The Protein Plus stuff has 47 grams. That’s for the powdered, mix-it-yourself version of each. Apparently, you can also get a pre-mixed Protein Plus shake that has 35 grams.