Are there any Republican celebrities?

This is an interesting list…

I never doubted that there weren’t some out there, but I never really could think of any…again…maybe they’re just not as outspoken

Dennis Miller used to be an outspoken liberal comedian, until 9-11-2001 turned him into a pussy. I guess it took him ten years to learn how to be an outspoken conservative comedian.

Perhaps you weren’t paying attention; some of them are as outspoken as the most outspoken Democratic celebrities.

Jerry Doyle, who played Garibaldi on Babylon 5, is now a conservative political commentator.

I don’t know about her. But why are you surprised by him? Because he puts his dick in things? Because conservatives can’t make shitty films? And creepy racial eugenics beliefs have been part of both parties over the years.

The Baldwin Brothers consist of Alec (very liberal, head of the Film Actor’s Guild), Daniel (supports whichever party will get him out of jail), Billy (dunno), and Stephen (conservative, born-again Christian). They are not related to Adam Baldwin (libertarian-ish), of Full Metal Jacket and Firefly fame.

There may be many more closet conservatives in Hollywood. Having the wrong political opinions is perceived as a hindrance to finding work. Often those who self-identify as conservative hide this fact until reaching some level of fame that will keep them in demand. That’s not to say this is exclusive to Hollywood or conservatives. Or that self identification as a conservative means anything in particular anyway.

Acording to Al Franken, Miller has always been pretty conservative but didn’t make it a centerpiece of his act until after 9-11.

We like to think of SNL as a bastion of liberalism, but some of their funniest-- writer Jim Downey, Adam Sandler, Miller, the once-hilarious Victoria Jackson–are in fact quite conservative. I have no idea what kind of political beliefs Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd hold these days, or Mike Myers and Jon Lovitz; I don’t take it for granted that they are left-leaning. I wonder what Lorne Michaels thinks of the Flat Tax proposals. About a third of these folks are Canadian, but I’m pretty sure all of them live and own property in the US.

Chevy Chase really did not like George W. Bush.

Conservative though is not the same as Republican. Someone who votes ® in New York City may still be way to the left of a (D) elsewhere in the country.

I think of Dennis Miller and Bill Maher to be two sides of the same coin. Pretty funny initially, but both descended into :smack::smack::smack: when they got political.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive, you know.

Really? You guys got this far and failed to mention Ted Nugent? For shame. That dude needs to be at the top of any kind of ‘republican celebrities’ list. I remember him getting news coverage for trashing Clinton during the '96 election, and I was in middle school. Then when H. C. And Obama were on their Great Never-ending Death March To The White House in ‘08, ol’ Teddy was back telling a crowd of hayseeds that Hillary needed to be shot, or some such.

Then again, maybe he just doesn’t like the Clintons.

I once joked with Clothahump and Ringo that I’m a New York Republican which in Texas terms makes me a liberal Democrat.

Pretty much in New York too. In Westchester we often called them the ‘other Democrats’.

If you look at all the celebrities who have won political office in the U.S., there are more Republicans than Democrats.

Do only live ones count?

Sonny Bono (not Cher of course) was a republican.

Dennis Hopper was an active Republican who gave money to the party. One interviewer asked him why did he, Dennis Hopper of all people, become a Republican, and he answered: “Because I sobered up, man.” From Wikipedia: “According to Newsmeat, Hopper donated $2,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2004 and an equal amount in 2005.” He did, however, support Obama in 2008, citing Palin as a turn-off.

I’ve heard Gary Sinise is a Republican too.

Orson Bean.

I’m still not convinced that Clint Eastwood can be considered a Republican.

I remember that. You nearly nased Ringo when you said it.

Fred Grandy, Love Boat’s Gopher, was a Republican U. S. representative.

Well, if we’re going to quibble over whether Clint Eastwood can be considered a Republican (despite running and being registered as one), I’ll quibble over whether some of those named, such as Victoria Jackson or Fred Grandy, can be considered celebrities.