Are there food items that you automatically say you do not like...

…but you’ve never really had? Or, you’ve had it so long ago, you’re not even sure what it tastes like, but you “know” you don’t like it?

Maybe it’s only me, but I do this weird thing that is a bit hard to explain. I am absolutely adamant that I hate such foods, and I have zero interest in actually trying them to see if it is actually true. I get defensive when I come up against the “how do you know…” argument, and that only hardens my resistance.

A few I can think of off the top of my head:

[li]Cranberry sauce[/li][li]Egg nog[/li][li]Beets[/li][li]Nutella[/li][/ul]

I suspect I’m the only one on earth, but I thought I’d ask.

ETA: Thought of another: Any fancy coffee drink (and by ‘fancy’, I mean anything other than black coffee)

Pretty much anything lamb. A stinky, greasy meat. Only ever had lamb chops, long ago. Hated them. Don’t even want to try it again.

Plus, I hate sheep. Noisy and smelly.

It sounds like you dislike those foods on philosophical grounds, rather than taste grounds. Nothing wrong with that. Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie, but I’ll never know.

Anything spicy hot or with hot peppers. Or bugs. I love chocolate, but I won’t eat chocolate-covered termites.

Goose is very bad stuff. I was gonna say lamb, like Gato. It’s very bad stuff too.
Mr.Wrekker has brought every imaginable kinda of wild game home for me to cook up for him. In one swipe they are off my list of edibles, bar none. Nope, not gonna eat that!

For me, it’s lima beans. I hated them so much growing up that I haven’t eaten them since childhood. I’ve hated them so much that I don’t even like Peru or Indiana because no matter how you pronounce it I don’t like lima beans.

I know, I haven’t had them in years and yes, there are foods I hated that I’ve grown to love and foods I’ve hated more that I have grudgingly come to tolerate as they’re too common to totally ignore but I did an image search for lima beans and my eyes still tell me I hate them very much and won’t be trying them again, ever.

By default I will say I hate olives, because it’s almost always true. there have been one or two varieties over the years which weren’t bad, but in general if I taste an olive I have to spit it out.


Canned peas.

I was forced to eat them as a kid.


Salted caramel. Or anything that advertises itself as salty and sweet at the same time. The very concept disgusts me.

Pecan Sandies. Why anyone would name a cookie “Sandy” is beyond me. They’ve obviously never gotten sand in their mouth.

Gotta’ say no.

Anything I dislike, I tried and found the taste/smell/texture repugnant.

Just thought of another one: sweet potatoes.

I don’t know if I’ve ever tasted them, don’t know what they taste like, but I bloody well ain’t having any.

Especially if they are topped with melted marshmallows. What twisted MFer came up with *that *concept?

Based on the fact that I’ve utterly despised all the types of fish I have tried, I will say I despise all the types of fish I haven’t tried as well.

Cooked cauliflower and pretty much anything else in that family of vegetables. I can eat it raw, but if someone even just blanches it, I can taste the difference and it will make me gag. It’s been more than thirty years since I last ingested cooked cauliflower by accident, and I am quite certain I still won’t like it if I try it now.

Beets. Just nope, not even going to taste them.

I’m pretty adventurous about trying new foods, so it’s hard to think of foods I just “know” I hate without sampling them. Beets come close - people tell me that a fresh roasted beet, which I’ve never had, is delightful. Based on the smell and taste of the canned beets I’ve had, I’m not open-minded enough to believe it. Oh, and quail eggs - they are so tiny and fragile that it feels wrong to eat them, and my stomach turns just looking at them.

There is one food sitting in the house right now that I can tell by looking at that I hate. It’s from Cambodia or Lao, I forget which (my husband travels all over SE Asia) and its name translates as “river weed.” Basically it looks like sheets of nori, but with weird, unidentifiable … THINGS … in it. (Think of marble that has fossils visible; it’s like that.)

You’re supposed to fry it and eat it like a crunchy snack. It’s probably not unlike toasted nori in taste and texture, but I’m not finding out. Even if it wasn’t replete with mystery splotches, it’s from a river, not the ocean, which somehow suggests to me that it is rancid and muddy and polluted.

Apparently it’s considered delicious.

Any vegetable that came in a can, except tomatoes and brined/pickled/fermented things. If it’s been in a can, get it away from me.

Snails. Even called escargot it doesn’t make me less gaggy.

Brussels sprouts. They stink. Everyone says “oh you’ll like them this way!” No I won’t because I smell that same stink. “But they’re SWEET!” I don’t care. They stink.

Olives and for some reason, asparagus, I have no desire for either.

Gefilte Fish

Never had any of the above and nothing will make me even try. The first 3 are “exotic”, if you will, so not readily available anyway. And Gefilte Fish activates my gag reflex just seeing it in the grocery store.