Are there music junkies out there?

I have been searching for a song, title and artist are unknown to me. I was hoping a fellow doper would be able to help me put it to rest. I know some of the lyrics and if anyone can help me put a title or artist to it I would appreciate it! Here goes

" ooh mama mama you sure look good to me
I see your lips that smile save them for me
ooh mama mama whats this thing called love…
I just can’t get enough"

I feel like a putz for having to resort to this…but it’s driving me crazy and I don’t have that far to go!

what was the syle of music?
Hot Mama by Funkadelic mabye?

Yeah, the “you sure look good to me” made me think of “Red Hot Mama” by Funkadelic, too, but the rest of the lyrics are nothing like what was quoted here. Was it possibly sampled? They could have used lyrics/music from “Red Hot Mama” for a section and then added their own (this would only apply if it was a hip hop track, I’m betting). Otherwise, I’m stumped.

Sounds “great”. :rolleyes:

Just WAG’ing, here. Could it possibly be “Ooh Mama” by David Blue way back in 1975?

'75 is not way back… sonny! shakes fist

gommsn, you might have better luck if you search on a shorter phrase. I have. Take a short phrase that you are SURE is dead, grammatically correct from the song, insert it in quotes and plug into the search engine of your choice. Something rather unique. Like “lips that smile” or “save them for me”

If you use Altavista (like me :D) you could type in “lips that smile” + lyrics

Thanks guys but haven’t been able to track it yet, it wasn’t Funkadelic. It could be David Blue but still can’t find lyrics to co-operate that yet. I’m pretty sure it was back in the 70’s but it sounded somewhat motown style. The search continues!

I kind of remember a Bob Seger song like that, but I can’t find any lyrics for it.

It’s “Ooh Mama Mama” by Brutus, a Canadian group, featuring Walter Zwol(inski). Issued 1976 on GRT 1230-104. Available here, really cheap for the single, or here for the whole LP, also really cheap.

Thank you ever so much fishbicycle…I do believe you have solved this for me!

You’re welcome! It helps that I grew up in Hamilton in the '70s and heard all that Cancon on CHAM and CKOC and CHUM and CKFH and CKEY!