Are there no Gollum toys/figurines?

I was in a toy shop the other day looking at the LotR action figures, noticing how they’re all totally unposeable so you can’t actually play with them very much - they’re more a kind of statuette than anything these days. Shame.

Anyways, I wanted a little Gollum to sit on top of my monitor, and there’s nothing of him to be seen! That’s weird, thought I, he’s hardly a secret anymore, and he’s a very very popular character in the movie, so why is this?

I looked it up on the net and can’t find anything at all about it - can anybody shed some light on if or when I can expect one to appear?

I believe an online company called ToyBiz has one ready to come out, or is just out, but I’m still reading the site myself to check this out.

See if this helps.

If the ToyBiz Gollum figure isn’t in stores yet, it should be soon.

Most of the ToyBiz LotR figure have a fair amount of articulation and some neat action features. I have an insane number of them. The Lurtz figure will draw back his bow and fire an arrow and the big ass Cave Troll will swing one arm down to smash and jab forward with the other one to stab.

A snow globe with Gollum should be out as well. Sideshow Toys is making that one, I think.

There is also a non-movie Gollum made by ToyVault from a couple of years ago. Didn’t care for it myself, but you might be able to find one at a comic shop.

plush talking Smeagol for Christmas!

Aha! Thanks guys. That Gollum that is in the pics at Toybiz doesn’t look so great. Too angry. And dark around the eyes. Hope it’s an early figure.

I gotta say, I do wonder why toys tend to be so crap. I can’t see why they can’t be better sculpts or paintjobs.

Oh well.

Yeah, ToyBiz’s Gollum doesn’t look so hot. Still, he’d look okay perched on the edge of your aquarium, peering down at the fish with a hungry gaze . . . .