Are there suddenly more sick people? Or, the Superflu on SDMB


A flu?

If it isn’t mystical in origin to begin with, then I’m sure it’s bound to instigate an apocalyptic battle between God and Satan.

Me? I’m going to Stand with God and do what’s right even though evil people will surely use evil tactics and thus completely overwhelm me. But I’m not worried about my inevitable failure to create any lasting good, I’m sure the hand of God will come down in the end and make my sufferings and sacrifice for my Stand with God absolutely irrelevant as he takes care off things in an overly literal and way-too-late Deus ex machina.

Yes, it’s a bleak and despairing worldview full of ineffable turns of fate… or maybe it’s just the flu talking.


Every Mann.

cbawlmer, you’re in Texas…can you check on something for me?

I saw on the Drudge Report something about a town in Texas that was under quarantine for anthrax…Annette or Arnot or something. They brought in the military to coordinate the quarantine. I know I read it this morning, but now, the link on the Drudge Report goes to a Page Not Found.

I can’t talk long…there’s only two of us at work today, and I don’t know if we’re going to be able to meet our deadlines.

Ivylass, as much as I’m loath to believe anything from the Drudge Report, we haven’t been able to contact a customer from Arnette for several days now, and my inlaws who live north of here have heard the same quarantine rumors.

More people out sick at work today. We can barely cover the phones, and most of our customers who are calling in sound sick too. I still feel fine. Yay, Vitamin C!

I see the religious looneys are already out with their “the end is nigh” schtick.

My supervisor has been out for the past week, but that woman gets everything. I tease her that it must be a blood group related thing. Since I am outside of the A-B-O blood groups, I’m not affected by such things.

I do have to start a Pit thread about the post office. I had problems with them post 9/11, with terrorism and amthrax and all, but now they simply refuse to take my packages to Europe. This is giving me negative eBay feedback, and I will not stand for that!

Speaking of eBay, I notice that fewer people are bidding. But that’s okay, cause it’s probably just that there seem to be fewer people putting things up for sale. I always knew eBay would hit a lull at some point.

I think you’re a little paranoid about “Haircut”, rubystreak, and as for LtC. Anton, he’s full of it. If there were really a “party line,” AirmanDoors would have posted it when he got it in the daily e-mail dumps from HQ. Unless, of course, the e-mail dumps have stopped. Glad I’ve got a good excuse to not be going in (my bus isn’t running), 'cause I heard that all military personnel in the D.C. area who were sick were being ordered to proceed directly to Bethesda or Bolling for processing with their vaccine. After the anthrax thing, I’m taking no chances. Unless the MPs show up at my door, I’m staying here until I run out of Pop-Tarts.


Does anyone know if apple cider vinegar will clear up the vomiting? I’ve been able to keep my temperature down with cold baths, and with four or five humidifiers running, the coughing actually brings up phlegm instead of stripping my throat raw, but the vomiting is starting to really dehydrate me and I don’t think I’m retaining enough nutrients. As long as I drink plenty of water and keep eating vitamins, some of them are bound to get into my system.


Hi, Opal!

My manager went home sick a few hours ago. I believe him, but I think eveyone else who left is just a bunch of fakers. It’s a good thing he didn’t stick it out - there’s a hella bad car accident outside. I was taking a break and saw this guy swerve headlong into incoming traffic. I’d guess he was drunk, but c’mon, it’s a bit early even for Friday! Of course this means that I’m stuck by myself at the office til the road is cleared.

I’m surprised I’m not sick yet, as I get a cold whenever the temperature changes. I’ll probably get it a week after everyone else is recovered. After all, I am the person who didn’t get the chickenpox until age 18, despite multiple exposures as a child.

My mom keeps nagging me to get a flu shot, but what’s the point? There’s no way I can drive all the way downtown to get one before they run out, and then I’d be stuck in traffic and miss work. She wants me to watch the special news report about this flu tonight (scare tactics, I bet), but I keep reminding her, “Hello - I don’t have T.V.!” I joked that her fever must be getting to her, but she didn’t think that was funny. :rolleyes: Eh, I guess I’ll read about the report tomorrow.

Jurph, I thought it was club soda that was suppossed to get out stains?

Ohh… you mean to drink:smiley: Try some Gatorade. I’m going to the store to get some tonight in case I do start feeling sick.


I love how nearly everyone is assuming they’d be in the 10% that survived!


Lately I’ve been dreaming about a nice, really old, black woman playing a guitar.

gobear, are you in the right thread? We’re talking about the flu/anthrax scare.

Huh. I dreamed that my company issued me a jetpack, and I flew over the desert like a vulture. I could see my shadow on the ground below, passing over a bunch of twisted metal. Am I weird? Maybe I shouldn’t eat pizza right before bed anymore.

A bunch of us have to be immune, or the thread dies before the real fun starts.  Are we going to assume that the internet somehow stays up and we all have, let's say, battery-powered wireless laptops?

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Wow, me, too. Nice lady. She’s always sitting in a rocking chair or is it a porch swing, I can’t remember. I’m sure it must just be the fever, though.

Hello, Dopers.

I am Captain Arthur Corelli, Lt. Col. Anton’s aide.

First off, the colonel asked me to inform you that he is handling his own case of the flu with good results and expects to be back “riding my ass” shortly. In the meantime, I will be keeping you up to date.

You will all be pleased to know that a large shipment of vaccine for this troublesome Malaysian flu strain is on its way from Europe, and is expected to arrive within the week.

On a more disappointing note, your loved ones in the military reserves will be on duty for a short time longer, as it has been deemed wise to end the exercise Col. Anton mentioned, and divert the personnel to crowd control and support for the vaccine deliveries.

As you might imagine, the scattered incidents of protest and rioting are hindrances to efficient medical services, and will be dealt with appropriately, allowing medical personnel to distribute the vaccine as quickly as possible. Your tax dollars at work!

Your local hospitals will be recieving their vaccine shipments as quickly as possible, on a schedule designed by top epidemiologists to get the most vaccine to the greatest number of people in a short time. If your hospital doesn’t have it yet, don’t worry… it’s coming.

In closing, we in the government and military are working together to bring this admittedly troublesome public health threat under control as quickly as possible. You can best help us help you by staying in your homes, not interfering with any military activities you see, and taking care of yourselves so as to recover as quickly as you can.

Thanks for your time,

Capt. Arthur Corelli, Army Public Affairs Office

I’m having some seriously fucked up dreams. Something about Las Vegas, and the initials RF. The walking man?

My campus has shot down. Granted, we’re a pretty small school–not even 1/4 the size of UCLA–but still, how can an entire campus just shut down? I haven’t heard from anybody about when classes will start again. I did hear that my Brit Lit prof has died…though I don’t know what of. Nobody will either confirm or deny it was from the flu…maybe she was just in a car accident. I don’t know. It’s hard to get information from anywhere.

In fact, now I think about it…my school isn’t the only thing that’s shut down. I heard on the news that people are strongly encouraged to stay off the freeways. That doesn’t stop them. The 10 is a parking lot fro San Bernadino to LA.

Kind of weird. Now that you mention it, there’s been a lot of coughing and sneezing around the office today. My boss and his boss are both working from home tonight, and the guy at the desk next to me has been having sneezing fits all day.

Used up half my Kleenex, too. But he said he’d buy the next box.

I’m doing all right, though I had some really nasty stomach cramps earlier today. I’m a little stuffed up, but it’s always like that around here…

Incidentally, I’ve got some family in Arnette. I called them up at lunch today, but their phone’s been disconnected. Guess they didn’t pay their bill, the dorks.

I called off work today; I’m a lot sicker than I thought I was. I’ve tried hot showers and steam, but my head still feels like it’s been stuffed with cottage cheese and rubber cement. Man, I don’t care if there was a shootup out at the vaccine plant and we barely have enough people to read the copy for tomorrow’s edition. I feel like crap and that’s all there is to it.

And I’ve been so bored all day! Nothing good on TV, and the news is rerunning some stupid Christiane Amanpour investigative thing from years ago. You’d figure they’d at least have a bit about the flu on TalkBack or something.

Oh, and my mom called, and one of her hick cousins and his whole family? Dead. She says it’s the flu, but I bet it was a gas leak or something, all of them going in the one day. So not only am I sick, I have to take more time off for a funeral in Indiana. Man, take me now, lord. :rolleyes:

Jesus Christ, people. This is Cafe Society, not MPSIMS. Take your damn sniffles elsewhere.

I swear, this is as stupid as having three simultaneous threads on that stupid “Baby Can You Dig Your Man” song.

Aw, c’mon, minty! He is a righteous man, after all.

:smiley: ::d&r::