are Turkish Golds Different now?

Several years ago Camel intoduced Turkish Golds. The flavor during the few introduction months seemed far superior to today’s flavor. I suspect a higher level of amonia and a lower quality tobacco. Anyone else have the same expierence? Any ideas why the flavor might be different?

Maybe you’ve just gotten used to the difference?

I have tried the Turkish Golds and wasn’t too keen on their flavor. The ammonia part sounds like why I didn’t care for them. YMMV, etc.

A friend of mine used to really like the Turkish Golds but doesn’t anymore. He confirms that they did change the flavor.

Your beloved cig has ammonia in it too mate. Yum!

Ah yes indeed. But it doesn’t TASTE like as much. :wink:

Heh… lately i’ve been smoking those Vanilla Dreams… the taste reminds me of so many summers ago… the smell certainly will attract any lady smokers at a bar, and hey, that ain’t a bad thing.

Hopefully this tangent doesn’t land this post in the MPSIMS, i really do want to know what happened to Turkish Golds. They suck now!

WAG The Turkish Camels are no longer what they once were. TCS is no longer Gold but the same old nasty dung color it was in the long ago.