Are Vulcans lousy in the sack?

A Reagan Trek connection.
Good gad.

I wouldv’e thought him to be a Star Wars guy.

Well, this IS the president who thought he had the cure for AIDS.

“Just don’t have sex.”

Or Spock’s Mom was so uptight herself that she only wanted sex once every seven years.

Considering Vulcan training at supressing emotions and mastery of their telepathic abilties, wouldn’t they be rather tantric in their methods? So Sting’s BS claims about tantric sex not withstanding, Vulcans might be rather good in the sack. Just imagine all the stuff you could do with the mind-meld. Plus you’d know if the other person was faking the big o.

But premature ejaculation must be a bitch in the Vulcan culture, to wait seven years, then…

Sorry I was having a Dave Attell moment there.

I cannot believe that nobody has brought up the latest episode of Enterprise. I only watched the first episode until I read in this week’s TV Guide that T’Pol was starting her mating cycle. Since I remembered her being tremendously hot I tuned in. Lord oh Lord. Seeing T’Pol actually beg to be taken was just geek bliss.

Jane Wyman was married to Ronald Reagan. Jane Wyatt played Spock’s mother.

So if Romulans don’t go through Ponn Farr, can we conclude it’s the Vulcan’s supression of emotion that causes it? Like every seven years they need to let off steam after being uptight for so long? :slight_smile:

Seeing the times they’ve shown T’Pol getting all hot-and-bothered, I’d say she may very well be great in bed. Of course, I’d need first hand experience to know for sure… :slight_smile:


If it’s a question of technique…I’m sure they logically would have studied technique in advance, so that the event would include the least posiible humiliation.

If it’s a question of being comfortable expressing emotions…a Vulcan’s one emotional outlet is their marriage, since it’s kind of hard to hide your feelings from someone who’s been poking around in your head for years. I don’t think it would be a problem.

And truly, I’m sure Sarek would have been very diplomatic about the whole thing…maybe that’s why he married a human…

It seemed the logical thing to do at the time.

[geek nitpick] Sarek married a couple of humans, actually, over the years. [/gn]

Seems to me you could argue either position, and it depends on whether or not you define the abandon that naturally comes with physical pleasure as emotional in nature. Yes, we as humans tend to get all emotional as we climax (“Ooo! Ooo! Yes! Yes! I love you forever with the heat of a million staaaaaaars…”), but who’s to say that’s the only way?

Maybe the Vulcans have learned to separate the pleasures. I mean, they certainly have music, don’t they? And we have no indication that their food is boring, tasteless sludge? It’s just different.

So given that, why wouldn’t they look at intercourse from a dispassionate, medico-physiological point of view, with an eye toward maximizing physical pleasure? The intent could be to train themselves so once pon farr arrives, they know what they’re doing (“I have abandoned all logic! Rub your ankle on my butt while I suck on your elbow! Hmmm. No, let’s try something else”). And, of course, they’d have to do experiments to validate their hypotheses. (“Yes. Down three millimeters. Please apply four point three more microjoules of force. NNGGGGGGHHHHHHH. Yes, that is most satisfactory.”)

Anyway, the point is, it really depends on whether or not Vulcans are able to separate simple physical pleasure from the emotions it tends to trigger (at least in human experience).

The way I understood it was that pon farr was a time when a Vulcan was overcomeby the urge to mate, similar to when an Earth animal is in heat. But this cycle did not rule out the capability of intercourse at other time. Perhaps pon farr is when Vulcans are fertile, hence the compulsion to reproduce. It could be something from way back in their evolutionary history, and the Vulcan culture developed a way to handle it.

I’d like to invoke the Rule of Comedic Effect, and state that from this point on, any post by Cervaise to this thread is automagically the best possible analysis of Vulcan sexuality.

I’m dyin’ over here. :smiley:

[sub]Seriously, I sound like Renfield with all the cackling and giggling, plus my ribs ache…[/sub]

Heh. Why am I picturing a glow-stick here?

Useful during power outages…

easier to find than the Duracells:D

Who says Romulans don’t go through the same thing?

Vulcan sex is probably a scary thing. Here you have a half mad overly emotional super stong person in heat.
I bet there is no Vulcan word for foreplay. It probably explains why Serak’s human wives could go for seven years without. they are just getting over the trauma from the last session.

The poor human would be sitting there forgetting what day it was when their normally cool emotionally uninvolved spouse comes in.


There and then they are taken without even a “hello how was your day?” After two scary minutes later (seven years is a long time to be pent up) the spouse gets up and regains their composure and walks off to meditate.
As a side not I wonder if Romulans are really that much different from their cousins. I think they too have the proverbial “stick up the ass” but its only a slightly smaller stick.

For sex, I’m afraid I’d have to take a Klingon in bed. You know that Worf must be wild in the sack…it’d take a strong human to ride that beast, and I think i’m just the girl for it!

Mind you, the thought of seeing Spock’s face as he erupts into orgasm is quite nice. I’d feel like I was helping him “explore new worlds”. Its the same reason why Data is so sexy too. “That guy/android used to be uptight, but then he got a little of my action, and now he’s a tiger!”.

From what I know about Trek, what I have read and been told from my little Trek Geeks the following.

  1. Vulcans & Romulans are genetically the same species

  2. Only Vulcan Males go thru the PonFarr

  3. Romulan Males to thru a PonFarr but not as intense as their Vulcan Cousins because Romulans do not supress their emotions.
    The expression of emotions and release of emotions on a regular basis, lessens the Pon Farr.

  4. Yes A Vulcan, like his Romulan cousind can mate anytime they want to, its just the simple fact that the HAVE TO MATE during the TIme of the Pon’Farr

Vulcans do not see sex the same way most other races do. They see it as a deeply personal and private experience. To be talked about with and only one’s own mate. They see it as a physical expression of the unity of the mind between their mate. As well as the act used to bring on the next generation.
Now about weather having sex with a Vulcan is good or not… well I have seen that Enterprise Episode as well as other Trek episodes with the whole Pon,Far subject. DAMMMMMMM

I mean look at the way T’Pol was, very sexy, catlike, like some porn star. YUMMMMMMMM

This thread reminds me of questions about ponn farr which I’ve always been at least a little curious about.

(1) Is ponn farr in Vulcans relieved by a single sex act, and if so, why doesn’t masturbation do the trick in a pinch (such as, when Tuvok was tuck on Voyager)?

(2) If ponn farr is related to something other than just a sexual release, then what causes it? I’m not a regular watcher of Enterprise, so these may be questions answered there…

My guess is the men need some sort of Vulcan lady love juice, except that doesn’t explain why Spock was cured after he “killed” Kirk. Maybe the Vulcan wang cannot be masturbated! (the horror, the horror!) I think Mental sex is involved, that is why the holodeck wouldn’t work for that other Vulcan guy on Voyager, and why Tuvok had to have the holowoman be his wife.

it is probably entirely sexual release, except for extreme violence release as well. I didn’t check Spock’s drawers after he “killed” Kirk, so we may never know.

I always saw ponn farr as a societal concept not an evolutionary one…after Sarak convinced Vulcans everywhere to embrace logic and suppress their more emotional side I could imagine the population of Vulcan steadily decreasing as fewer and fewer baby Vulcans were being conceived

So the elders of the planet decided to pair off the children mindlinked-wise so that every so often they HAD to come together to make the next generation…therefore the necessary pon farr wasn’t for sex but to renew the link and incidentally procreate…they could get sex from any of the other species out there but they NEEDED the Vulcans to come home to mate with another Vulcan to continue the species

I’d think for a Vulcan with their telepathy masturbation would be even less of a substitute for sex with another Vulcan

I am not sure whether a Vulcan would masturbate…a case could be made for either position

Yes…they could think of masturbation like any other necessary function of their body…reducing stress

No…could think of it as a totally wasteful process and something below their even considering it(if they were tempted might mean a few more sessions of meditation to control their urges)

As for the the original OP I would think Vulcan to Vulcan sex would be the absolute best there could possibly be…with their minds linked each one would be making any adjustments needed to pleasure the other automatically…no misunderstandings…no embarrassing noises or whatever since at that moment you would have two bodies with one linked mind…any pleasure the other felt you would feel as well and visa versa…could very well have a cascading effect


The every seven years thing though?

I’d hope that would be every seven years you HAD to do the nasty but nothing is stopping you from doing it at any other time as well…ponn farr as sort of an ice breaker…if you knew you would HAVE to have sex every so often you could rationalize since that’s true why not do it at other times as well?

BTW Just a thought but I’d guess there couldn’t be any cheating on Vulcan since as soon as you began your partner would immediately know what you were doing and you’d have some 'splaining to do…big time

I recall a bit of fanfic from the early 70s that speculated the Vulcan member was forked.

In other words, for a Vulcan, masturbating would be something like driving a car equipped with one of these.

So Spock’s glowstick is to blame for Wesley Crusher and Star Trek: Insurrection?