Are we having a bumper year for hurricanes?

Looking at the news…Charley hits, and then Frances, and now Ivan is warming up in the bullpen. Are there more hurricanes this year than normal? Or am I imagining things again? :smiley:

It does seem, to this land-locked observer, that lots of hurricanes are out there this season. I am also absolutely sure that it was a bad year for tornadoes–I was caught in one in Michigan of all places, and the storm sirens went off in my town for the first time in the seven years I’ve lived here, not for just one bad storm but for two. Other family members in the area report similar frequent and severe brushes with twisters this summer; a cousin of mine even lost his house to a flood, caused by the rain traveling with one.

An average August in the Atlantic includes about about 1.7 hurricanes. September averages 2.3.
As predicted, the 2004 season is running a little hot.

If you consult Fred Phelps, he will confirm that this is divine retribution for decades of debauchery in Daytona Beach.

Bring your copies of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and similar videos for a meeting of cleansing and prayer tonight. :rolleyes: