Are Women Attracted To Men With Accents?

Are women attracted to men who have foreign accents? Is this generally true, or is it just another stereotype?? Which types of accents do they find attractive and why???

And do women outside of the US like the American accent?

I am attracted to foreign accents. But basically it doesn’t matter what he sounds like if I think he’s cute. It’s just another thing that makes the person stand out.

i adore accents, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman speaking. i also can listen to foreign languages all day.

there’s something about hearing your language pronounced differently that i love; or listening to sounds that make no sense to you, but are a completely understandable to those speaking it. ::: sigh ::: i want to be a linguist.

Attracted to foreign accents?

Yep, yep, yep, yep and yep. But only to certain ones. French accents? Don’t do a thing for me. British accents? I could just…swoon.

I’m not female but I have an overwhelming urge to open my fat trap. I believe that most women are attracted to people with accents because it’s akin to miscegenation. He talks different therefore he’s from a new, untapped gene pool and we’ll probably have healthy, pretty babies.
Whether this is the case or not in regards to why women are attracted to people with accents the whole idea of being attracted to someone simply because of their accent is awfully shallow and empty. Like people for who they are, not what they are (or how they talk).
I hope that was confusing, incomprehensible and considered a hijack.

heptapod, I realize you’re just speculating, but I don’t really think that women are equating a fella who speaks with an accent with an untapped gene pool. That really doesn’t make any sense to me. For all we know, he could be rather inbred for whatever neck of the woods he comes from.

I am a woman, and I just love accents. I’m a Southerner, and damn proud of it, and I’ve got a Southern accent I’m rather proud of :D. I could just sit and listen Southerners speak all day. [sigh] I also like all types of foreign accents from French, to Russian to African to Chinese. The only accent I don’t care for is the Boston one. But just because I adore accents, doesn’t mean I’m going to put up with assholes. The fella had best be respectful, courteous, intelligent, and just fun to be with. If he ain’t, then I won’t be spending any time with him.

You should watch making generalizations about why women are attracted to fellas with accents. I think it’s safe to say that the reasons for the attraction are at least as numerous as the variety of accents out there.

Reading this thread, I’m starting to realise why my accent veers from American to English when I’m speaking to single women. Looks like it’s time to start cultivating it a little more…

The best accents are ones of Slavic origin-Croatian, Serbian, Russian; or ones from the British Isles,-Scots, English, Irish.

For some reason, they’re just incredibly sexy. If you watch ER, pay close attention to Luka.

The accents alone are simply one of many superficial things people notice, like admiring someone’s hair or shoes. It only enhances the package if I like the person, but in no way does it replace or make up for a craptastic personality.
I enjoy certain accents:

British, depends.

French, yes.

Bostonian, yes.

Minnesotan, no.

Southern gentleman drawl, yes.

Redneck southern twang, no.

New York, hell yeah.

Australian, no. (I friggin’ hate Russell Crowe.)

Latino, depends.

Nordic, no.

African, yes.

Asian of any variety, no.

It would work on me. English accents :drool:

I think it’s just a matter of taste, like preferring blond hair or a certain body type. It’s not that I would only love a guy if he had a certain accent, but that it would be an additional attractant.

(Good thing, Bob’s accent is almost non-existant)

Hmm, accents, yes. Not only because it sounds wonderful, but because it has that intrigue of another culture. I find stuff like that fascinating, and to me, an accent says, “Hi. I have a whole lot of interesting things I can tell you.”

British, for some reason is my preference, perhaps because it brings on a feeling that the person is refined. But, others are also good.

Wow, once again I am a weirdo!

I am not attracted by accents. Just the opposite. I do like listening to them, but I find men with accents less attractive than men with no notable accent or my own local NY/NJ accent.

Maybe I’m just real provincial or something. :slight_smile:

I see accents as being akin to music. Different music, same words.

Yes, sexy.

Scottish, Australian, English, Welsh, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

They don’t even have to do sweet talkin’ either. They can read the wine list and I’ll be putty in their hands.

I first noticed RickQ in a thread in which he mentioned having a Yorkshire accent. Being quite the fan of British accents, I started flirting. Little did I know…:smiley:

Zyada: <blush>

It should be pointed out, in all fairness, that many men are attracted to women with foriegn accents as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to date women from Germany, Australia, New Zealand and England (the last I was married to), and I must admit in all four cases I was drawn to their accent first. Even before looks if truth be told.

Brynda, I’ve mentioned this to Rick before, but he has the weirdest Yorkshire accent I’ve ever heard. It’s much nicer than most of them actually (no offence to Yorkshire dopers, but …)

My answer to the OP would be Hell Yes, though like everyone there are accents that do it for me (Northern Irish, Scouse, Scottish, Spanish) and accents that don’t (Western Irish, other English, Australian, other ESL). I suppose I’d probably still pick a guy in the latter category over a guy with (to my ears) no accent at all, though, all other things being equal. The exoticness factor, maybe.

The women certainly enjoyed by California cool accent when I visited down under about 10 years ago :smiley:

God, yes. I thought I was the only one - I hardly ever watch that show, but when I do, its mostly for him.

Accents in general are quite sexy - I know it is a silly thing to judge a man on, but then so are many other first-impression type things. I especially enjoy a Latino or Eastern European accent, especially if it is accompanied by a cool foreign name.

You know, when I was in Yorkshire with him, I thought this, too, but I just assumed it was love. :slight_smile:

Accents are, like Arden Ranger said, like music. Some tunes you like more than others. Some are unusual and exotic. Some are old favourites. Some are common place and hardly noticable. Some grated from the very first time you heard it. Some you are well sick of.

And yes, some are incredibly sexy.

The bad news for the Americans is that their accents are so common place in films, media etc that they never count as unusual or exotic. So you’ve already one strike down before you start. Sorry. :frowning:

Best accents, IMHO of course, are Southern Irish, North Yorkshire and Australian. Scottish, naturally, is also excellent, but because it’s also my own I’m much more particular about the type and location.