Are you a lumpy, awkward teen? Don't Fret! You can be beautiful too!

With a nip and tuck and a…

…large supply of bucks.

And a video on which she fu… (mind the children…)

Huh. I’ll be durned. Paris Hilton used to be cute. And pretty. And human, even.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the difference. Other than a tan, a different haircut, and a few years out of puberty.

In the before pictures, her eyes don’t have that dead look to them.

And the old pictures don’t show a glob of cartilage hanging off the end of her nose either.

That ain’t cartilage.

She used to be a very pretty young lady.


She was much more attractive in the older pictures. In the newer ones, she’s just shiny and fake.

In the last picture of old Paris, she looks really wholesome. And I love her haircut from the second picture of new Paris.

– Jerome Kern

Is it such a surprise? She lives in a social stratosphere that is almost entirely based around superficiality. She basically doesn’t know any different.

Seeing those before and after photos makes me glad I wasn’t born into a fabulously wealthy family.

Sure, I actually have to work for a living, but at least I haven’t had the opportunity or inclination to mutillate myself into a freakish RealDoll.

That is a really shitty site. Sometimes they have honest bad plastic surgery but so much of the time it’s “this picture has slightly different lighting to that picture. Plastic surgery!”

She really reminds of the Penelope character from Thunderbirds. Not the new movie version, but the old one with wooden puppets.

High class trash!!

I’ll spank that over privileged wench…

/no shame