Are you a misandrist? A misogynist?

I have to say, I’ve never met a man I didn’t despise in some way. And that includes myself. Ugly, brutish, infantile, full of bravado and greed, or weak and useless. The phrase “Well adjusted man” almost seems to be an oxymoron.

I know it’s probably not true, and that women are neurotic in their own ways, but I can’t help but be biased against men.
I guess it’s probably un-PC to admit that you’re bigoted, but… oh well. Who else? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah. I hate all people equally. :stuck_out_tongue:

You knew someone was going to come in with the misanthropy joke…

I don’t think so.

Do you know why you hate all men? And when you say it extends to yourself…well, how does that manifest itself? Do you have a great deal of self loathing?

Yeah! Hating other men is one thing, but why do you hate yourself? There are things I dislike about myself; I constantly work to improve them. What have you been up to? Over the years have you managed to tone down the bravado? Take an edge off the brute? For instance, what if we organized a tea party?

Oh, could we wear funny hats?

We can definitely wear funny hats. No ugly or infantile hats though. We’re trying to help.

I don’t much like a significant portion of women. I don’t want to talk about

American Idol
TV shows in general

Which puts me out of the realm of a LOT of conversations. But that doesn’t mean I hate women! Instead, I look for women who have similar tastes to me. There’s less, it seems, we have a lot of cultural baggage to talk about “homey” things, but they are out there.

I should point out this doesn’t mean I NEVER want to talk about those things. Just not…all the time.

I too have a strong streak of misanthropy.

I kinda scared of men, actually. It doesn’t help that I have trouble telling them apart.

Yeah, this is me. It’s funny because I do LIKE makeup/clothes/shoes, etc, but I don’t really like to talk about them for that long.

Plus I can’t get into the “complain about your husband/boyfriend” ritual that seems to be a big part of female bonding.

Yeah, if he’s that bad, why can’t you just pitch him? This also applies to men who gripe about their girlfriends/wives.

I wouldn’t say I’m a misanthrope, since to me that implies a bit more active hate. I mainly don’t care that much about most people.

Neither. I believe strongly in gender not being a determining characteristic for most people.

So I feel sort of weird about the fact that something like 95% of the people I’ve ever been very close to are female.

Do you have ‘typical’ male interests? You know things like sports and such? I’ve found that most of my truly close friends are female because the vast majority of men I have met have had mostly the stereotypical interests (mostly sports) and, as I don’t, it is hard for me to get past the initial small talk stage of building a friendship. However, with my female friends they too usually lack those interests and so we find other things to talk about. I do however have to occasionally sit though looking at a clothing catalog, but thats okay as I’m allowed to make fun of the pictures. :wink:

Yeah, and aside from that, even if I DO have an issue with my husband, I’m not one to tell a bunch of people, anyway.

One of the advantages to having a father who is a good person and who definitely does not fit your description is that I’ve always known, firsthand, the fallacy of your point of view. And I could say similar things about my mother.

“I’m a misanthrope, and a misogynist: I hate people… and women.”
-my college roommate

Yeah, I suppose I am a misanthrope too.

Bizarre. If you really include yourself and don’t like yourself, why wouldn’t you just change who you are? There are plenty of things about myself that I haven’t liked and have worked on changing (and succeeded in many cases) and the same is true for many people.

I don’t understand why you’re a self-hating man. But then again, I don’t see how anyone could clump all men or all women into one category, let alone say that they despise all of them…

It’s mostly because of the Dope that I don’t make generalizations about men or women any more, and I bristle at what I overhear from my co-workers. So yeah, I have a hard time figuring anyone out, but not men or women in particular.