Are you a stander or a sitter? [TMI]

Over at, there was a great debate going on about sitting or standing when you wipe. Well, it’s about taking a look after wiping but there was plenty of debate going on about sitting or standing.

I read this awhile back but I can’t get it out of my mind. I was surprised that so many people stand when they wipe. I just can’t fathom wiping standing up. Aren’t you risking making a bigger mess?

I keep imagining a proud little boy looking over his training potty to survey his wares.

I know this was explored to great lengths at but I was interested in asking people who aren’t quite so anal about reporting about their poops on a regular basis. So, are you sitter or a stander?

Reach around while standing.

And don’t even get me started on those weirdos who use the “between the legs while standing” method.

Um, if I’m sitting I’m kind of hindered slightly by the… er toilet being in the way. How do these ‘sitters’ manage to pass matter through matter?

Oh, you mean between the legs… well I don’t want to run the risk of getting leaked urine on my arm <shudder>
This thread needs a TMI warning, but I’ll forgive the OP due to lack of posting experience.

Sitting spreads your ass cheeks apart, allowing for a richer, deeper, smoother wipe and allowing for that all-satisfying two-finger scratch at the end.

Sorry about that. :smack: Could a mod add one?

By lean forward so their butt isn’t completely covering the seat.

First few wipes sitting down, then finnish off standing up. This allows an intermediary flush necessary for easily blocked toilets.
b.t.w. between the legs is just wrong.

Hand shower… dry wipe? Ughh!

I think we did this thread before and the majority are sitters (because it is clearly the correct method) but there is a surprising number of people who stand too, likely because they can’t manage the task of leaning forward and reaching back simultaneously. Pfft, Amateurs.

I’ve used bathrooms all over the world, many with either a hand-held sprayer, or a tub of water with a scoop in it, or an add-on device in the toilet that acts like a bidet. But I’ve never seen any towels in these stalls, cloth or paper.

So, after your wash yourself, how do you dry your butt? I’ve asked this question repeatedly, in various related threads, and have never gotten a straight answer.

I’m a “one-cheek-leaner”.
TP in the right hand, lean to the left raising right cheek off the seat, balance on left cheek.

If you haven’t gotten the urine out of/off of your dick thoroughly enough to avoid leaking it on your arm, standing up will just cause more embarrassing, less comfortable, and harder to wash problems.

I’m a stander. I’m prone to back spasms and twisting that much while having a back cramp and sitting has actually brought me to tears. So now I stand to wipe even when my back is fine. And the TP is supposed to come over the top of the roll.

I lean forward a tad (I guess still considered sitting and wipe from behind. Between the legs is wrong, there’s always a bit of urine left in the ol’ flesh balloon, and i don’t want it getting all over my arm.

Clearly a man who’s never had a cat in the house, and never come home to find every TP holder in the house completely unrolled. :smack:

Left cheek, right hand, TP over the top, two cats. :smiley:

Add one cat to that list (3 total) and I’m in the same school with silenus. Mrs. Butler, however, stands, and can’t figure out how I can do it sitting. Granted, I don’t understand the standing aspects either.

I’ve also an extremely deep “crack” and I’m sure the standing up would make a huge mess. <squish>

I also agree this thread needs a TMI at the title… :dubious:

My cat can unroll the damn thing if it’s up or down, so now it’s just never on the roll anyway. I was always coming home to find the TP in the toilet anyway. FTR I’m a sitter.

Sit, lean forward, wipe. And, for goodness’ sake, women and girls should never wipe forwards. That’s a good way to get a UTI.