Are you allowed to make predictions for a Pit thread?

I will be surprised if Honesty does not start a thread here shortly complaining about the responses to his current debate and his defense of his reparations proposal.

I was going to say something ugly about it, but I sort of feel sorry for him.

Lotta pent up frustration there, sir.

My first reaction was “why don’t you stop being coy and just Pit him?”
Then I read that OP.

Now I understand the quoted line. It’s not something to Pit; it’s something to Pitty.

I predict that this thread will end up in the Pit. Now, pass the million, Randi!

Am I allowed to predict that the OP will start prattling on about NBA athletes if this thread stretches beyond 3 pages?

You are, but you’ll lose. (Although I was going to ask him if high-salary blacks also get the welfare benefits he’s proposing, or if the moolah would just be limited to those who can show their current life is crappy because of atrocities done to their ancestors.)

I suspect Honesty’s idea of keeping blacks on the dole for 400 more years will probably die from lameness. I’m not thinking he thought it through.

  • clicks thread link *

  • moans quietly *

Sadly, I think he thought it through to the limits of his ability to do so.

I predict Randi will not give me a million dollars…

Is anyone else getting a whiff of “suicide by mod” from our Marcus Garvey-channeling friend? I know he had a meltdown a month or so back, when he wanted all his posts deleted and himself banned. Now I am getting the feeling he is pushing the envelope/saying his mind because he doesn’t give a shit/trolling in the expectation that, sooner or later, enough will be enough. And if sooner becomes later, he will have another meltdown and really get banned.

Or maybe he is hinting at a prr solution, and is hoping someone will pay him to go away.

It seems clear something’s going on with him.


While his proposal certainly pushes the envelope of conventional politics and philosophy, nothing from him in the thread so far really seems to push the boundaries of SDMB rules, IIRC.

Well, he apparently wanted the federal government and/or former slaveholding states to pay him to go away.

Maybe he got paid, but couldn’t find anyone to take him and got depressed?

The biggest hole in his plan (aside from the fact that I am not going to pay for it, of course) is finding nicer places to go than the good ole USA.

We have horribly screwed over blacks and others, but that was yesterday. It’s tough to find a greener pasture than the US right now, as any number of emigrants will attest to.

I just think he’s impulsive. Maybe has a few too many hard lemonades, gets his dander up and then hides while he waits/hopes the thread dies before too many people notice how imbecilic it is. I have failed in my prediction here, so time to let this thread die as well and find something more pit worthy than an angry simpleton.

Isn’t Honesty a woman?

I do not think so, but I don’t believe SDMB policy likes trying to figure it out unless it is voluntarily presented by the Doper.
I myself am a woman trapped in a man’s body, but leaning lesbian so that my partner preference is female.

Come on, it’s not THAT exciting.



Trust Clothy to make the dumbest post… In a thread about how, in order to make reparations for slavery in segregation, we should give each black person a lot of money and send them to a foreign country. Wow.

Jeez, BPC, join the other rocks in the box. I think they saved a seat for you.

I demand reparations for having to read Clothahump’s false equivalence.

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how incredibly stupid and racist that post you made was. I mean, this is you we’re talking about. Your reputation precedes you. But even by those rock-bottom standards, your post was abhorrent. Wow. Dude. Spend some time thinking about your life. Please.