Are you blocking free ISP's now?

I’d tried to get into the site and got an “IP Blocked” message a couple of times today. Since I haven’t been warned, I assume it’s not something I said. The third time I dialed I got in. Don’t I get a new IP number every time? Is it because you’re blocking free ISP’s?


No, we’re not blocking free ISPs per se, but we occasionally do find certain IP numbers to be consistent with activity from undesirable posters.

When we find these clusters of problems, we strive to eliminate them.

If an innocent party gets caught up in this, I encourage them to send me an email and we’ll look at the situation further. It’s not our intention to throw out the baby with the bathwater, we want to encourage our good friends to stay here and have fun and discourage those that don’t have our best interests at heart.

your humble TubaDiva

Nice guy.

Thank you. I quite agree.

That was ironic. Or are you too drunk to notice the difference.

I’m gonna move this to the Pit since you seem to want to rumble, Sam. Or shall I call you Escanaba? Maybe you prefer isopropyl? How’s that call to my ISP and the cops going? Makin’ any progress?

Snort. :smiley:

Darn it, 'Beer, I told you not to handle it. Now its mother won’t take it back, and you’ll have to feed it from a dropper or something.

Who’s calling your ISP there UB? Damn, you mods, stop making your little in-jokes that I don’t get. I hate not being in the loop.

:: goes off to pout in corner ::

Yeah, Uncle Beer always sounds drunk.

And you would know this how? With your big ONE post?

We don’t have to block free ISPs. The post-dot-bomb market will ban the ISPs for us. One by one they fall…

Perhaps when obsessed trolling morons actually have to pay 20 bucks a month to whine on our board our boards and insult us mods, they’ll realize the true severity of their mental illness.

Poor dolts.

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How to get banned in two easy posts:

Make both of them slams against mods.

I figure if you’re gonna start out slamming mods, you likely will continue. That’s not the purpose of this message board. You ARE the weakest link, goodbye!

Hell, Alpha and Lynn, it’s well worth $20 a month just to come here and whine, I don’t need to insult the mods.
However, to get insulted by a mod is priceless…:slight_smile:

(The above is not to be construed as begging)

Lynn, you rule!

I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll say it again:

Lynn, you rule!!

WE don’t call him Unclebeer. He calls himself Unclebeer. WE usually call him Cutesy Flufflefrump or Wigglepuss Naffletrass.

Really? I thought Alphagene was Cutesy Flufflefrump and UncleBeer was Snuggles Bunnywhump.

Man, I gotta stop skipping the meetings

And the little fuckwit didn’t even know how to spell desperado backwards properly.

Trolls . . . they’re not just for roasting anymore.

Am I reverse-dyslexic, or is there some other way to spell desperado?

You guys want the full exchange? All righty. Isopropyl’s initial e-mail to me was in regards to my statements in the ATMB thread linked below. And at the time this exchange, between isopropyl and myself was taking place, Escanaba started this thread in ATMB. I checked Escanaba’s IP number on a hunch and what do I find? Hey! It’s an exact match of the originating IP address in the header of isopropyl’s second e-mail to me. According to Sam Spade, a non-portable IP address, no less.

isopropyl’s initial message: (Sent: Wed 4/11/01 2:01 PM)
UncleBeer you have no call to attack me like that!

Calling me a liar for stating facts is just wrong.

I was correct that the Yid was the topic of some PC discussions.
The thread you point to even shows lots of old timers who thought it was
somehow wrong.

But I didn’t! I don’t care one way or another what happens to it. Someone
asked and I knew the answer, so I posted.
To accuse me of anti-semitism on that basis is just wrong!

You should be ashamed of yourself.

As for the renaming part, there is definitely discussion of different names
even on the thread you list, plus there were others. I don’t have to find
them all now to recall them. To call me a liar because I forgot details over
several months is just nastiness on your part.

UncleBeer’s reply: (Sent: Wed 4/11/01 2:34 PM)

Let me take this point by point.

  1. I didn’t “attack” you. An “attack,” in my estimation, would involve calumny, libeling a person, or denigrating the character of that person. I merely said, in somewhat harsh terms, you should research your statements prior to making them. If anyone has “attacked” or libeled someone, it was you. Did you not make a simple declarative statement, which I proved to be patently untrue, about ChiefScott? “ChiefScott is undoubtedly one of those who objected at the time.” Does that refresh your memory?

  2. Nor did I call you a liar. I said your post was full of untruths; this does not imply that you have deliberately fabricated a falsity. Here’s the pertinent quote: “In short, your post couldn’t be more wrong. There isn’t a single grain of truth in it.” I see nothing indicating I believe you to be a liar; this could mean you are simply mistaken.

  3. As I’ve shown in my two posts, you’ve posted no “facts.” “Facts” typically concern themselves with truths. Nothing you posted is remotely a truth. It follows then, that you posted no “facts” either.

  4. Yes, the Yid was the topic of some “PC” discussions. However, you stated nothing in the thread about “PC” discussions; you specifically said it was the top of some “GD debates.” You have your acronyms mixed up.

  5. Again, you didn’t know the answer. I’ve shown your “answer” to be false. You merely chimed in and made defamatory and false remarks about ChiefScott.

  6. “To accuse me of anti-semitism on that basis is just wrong!” Are your reading and comprehension skills really this poor? Where the fuck did I accuse you of being anti-Semitic? That’s preposterous.

  7. I have nothing to be ashamed of. All I’ve done is correct the false statements you posted.

  8. I don’t care how damned many alternative names were under discussion for the happy yid smilie. It went directly from “happy yid” to, “happy orthodox jewish man.” Re-read the thread I linked. JDavis has stated that very clearly.

  9. Again, I didn’t call you a liar. You stated a mistaken and uninformed opinion. I corrected it. And finally, after stating explicitly in your e-mail that you “knew the answer,” you go on to admit “I forgot details over
    several months.” So you concluded yourself that you were mistaken.

I suggest you go back and read the posts more carefully, both mine and yours. Of course, if your apprehension of English is as poor as you’ve shown already, it may not make a lick of difference. Or would you rather I move the thing to The Pit so you can have at me there? Either way, it’s your choice.

Have a mediocre day.


isopropyl’s next message: (Sent: Wed 4/11/01 2:01 PM)
Your answer is disgusting!

How dare you talk to me that way?
I am none of those nasty things!
And no, I don’t want you or your disgusting pit!
Or your foulmouth language.

I have filed a complaint on your hate mail with your ISP.
Don’t you DARE send me more of the same, or I will go to the police.