Are You Emotional?

This is kinda absorbed and self-indulgent, but bear with me. I’m genuinely curious. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been visibly mad at anyone, or anything. There have been very few occasions where I’ve actually shouted in anger at anyone (at least, not since I was an sullen teenager). I seldom raise my voice, except out of excitement or for emphasis. I can’t imagine absolutely losing it at someone in public (or private).

Of course, I become displeased at people or situations all the time, but I don’t feel the urge to make my displeasure known by shouting or making threats. I’m regularly disappointed by people, but when I’m disappointed or upset I make plans instead of getting angry.

Lest you think I’m some kind kinda overly-logical-repressed-person-who’s bound-to-explode-in-a-shower-of-hidden-rage-some-day – I’m not! I don’t hide my anger; I plain just don’t feel angry to begin with.

I also don’t feel sad or upset. A few things make me slightly blue, but in recent years nothing affects me for too long. I typically “get over” things practically before they happened. I move on and heal almost too quickly.

OTOH, I’m not entirely free of emotion. I feel outrageously happy a lot of the time – even stupid little things like watching strangers laughing or old people gossiping makes me grin like an absolute idiot. I get emotional watching chick flicks or kid’s movies (as an example: I had to pretend to be sleeping while watching “Finding Nemo” on a plane because it was making me feel all weepy. :o) I “get” happy; I “get” affection; I “get” love; I “get” sexual attraction.

I don’t get angry or depressed.

So how common is this? Why do some people seem to have hair-trigger for getting angry, while others remain beatific? Do YOU get mad? Do you lose your temper? Are you happy? Are you sad? What range or emotions do YOU feel?

The range of emotions I feel is vastly different from the range of emotions I display.

Most people think I’m very even tempered and never have a bad day. Neither is true; I’m just very good as being stoic.

I can be very emotional (but it’s usually hormone-related).

I was blubbering like a moron watching John Travolta in “Phenomenom” the other day. And I’ve seen it before!

I can also be a yeller. Not so much in more recent years, but I’ve been known to bitch a blue streak when someone gets me pissed off.

I am an emotional nightmare. I scream and yell at little things, cry over stupid things and laugh at inappropate times.

Yeah, I’m very emotional. I hate it, because I never feel “consistent”. Things that make me bawl one day make me roll my eyes the next. I don’t like my emotions to have any effect on other people, so if I’m down, I hate for someone to know and feel sorry for me.

Yeah, I’m pretty emotional. I think there is a time and place for things, but I sometimes I wish I was better at expressing anger.

I think it’s very healthy to cry once in a while. But I don’t like crying in front of others. I tend to keep my crying to myself, or in front of a very trusted friend. This is why I make sure I’m not with casual company during the last scene in Field of Dreams. Gets me every time.

I take most things to heart and wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am happy most of the time.

I often laugh when I am nervous or feel challenged which doesn’t go over well in a funeral home or in family counseling.

I get angry but I dont explode. I try to ration with the person. I like harmony.

It is very rare for me to cry.

I get along with just about everyone and I really enjoy balance so I strive for that in my relationships. Professional and Personal.

Same here.

Kalhoun, I BAWL at that movie! God, I love it.

I’m pretty emotional when it comes to displaying sadness. I cry at virtually EVERY emotion, good or bad.

I get irked at lots of stuff, but very rarely get MAD MAD MAD where I yell and scream and kick stuff.

I cry at sappy movies, commercials, advertisements, you name it. I get gushy when I see puppies and kittens (especially kittens).

So yeah, I’m a bit emotional.

I am basically a happy, sad, angry, joyful, passionate, and sensitive person. My reaction to any emotion (whether pleasant or bad) is usually always extreme. I become so happy I am beaming and laughing over-the-top, yet when I’m angry, I have a fierce temper and will use profanity until it subsides. I’ve been known to have many holes in my walls to vent my anger as well. It seems that whatever I’m feeling is magnified by 100… I’m no master in “Emotions Management” :slight_smile:

Jervoise: are you perhaps of a Nordic persuasion, or did you grow up in the Minnesota/North Dakota region? Are you perhaps Lutheran? My emotions run the same as yours, and people identify it as my heritage; we northern farm folk are raised to be stoic. For some reason, many people find this suspicious and insist I need therapy so I can be all exposed and weepy like them. Never.

Yes, I am emotional. Yesyesyesyes.
I’m also * very * revealing of my emotions, which has earned me the title of Family Drama Queen ™. I cry for no apparent reason other than I’m feeling down, I’m bouncy and happy and hyper when I’m in a good mood, and stay the hell out of my way when I’m PMSing, for I WILL find something to bitch about.
I was diagnosed w/ ADHD when I was 10, and I’m 17 now…maybe medications have something to do with it in some circumstances? I take Ritalin 3x a day.

My username says it all.

Jerviose, your first two paragraphs describe me to a T. I don’t think I’ve ever been truly mad at someone. I get upset, or disappointed, but I have never yelled at someone, in public or in private. And I don’t hide my emotions either - I think thats part of the reason. I’m pretty good at letting people know how I feel in a calm manner. My friends always comment on how laid-back I am - It’s just how I am, I don’t get stressed out or let little things bother me like most people do.

I’m not really stoic … I will cry if I’m upset, though not nearly as much as most women, I think. And it takes me a while to get angry, though you’d better watch out THEN, mister, because :mad:–I get over it. :slight_smile: I rarely stay angry, maybe because I can see things from the other person’s perspective and/or I know I’ve done something equally as stupid/irritating, etc. Or maybe I’m just cheerful by nature (though I wasn’t always this way; the first 16 or so years of my life were downright depressing).

I’m an emotional see-saw most of the time and I stink at hiding it. This is one reason why I don’t play poker.

I get good and furious a couple times a day, and I rant and roar and sputter like a fool. The merest hint of sadness or sentiment and there I am, sobbing. If I’m happy, it’s a party in my head.

The thing is, I’m over it almost instantly. Once I’ve had a good yell, cry or laugh, I am very quick to compose myself.

Well, I’m not easily emotional. I don’t get excited, usually, which people find hard to understand. My setting is pretty much neutral. Sometimes I move into irritated, but if I’m left alone to be snippy and sulk for a bit, I’m fine.

But when I do finally get mad–and it takes a lot–well, to be frank, there’s some times when it’s been fortunate there are no firearms around.

Nope, nope and nope. I’m Australian. I don’t consider myself to be especially stoic; I just don’t feel angry or worried to begin with.

**Yes, stress is another thing I don’t really feel. As an example, I went through five years of uni never really worrying about whether I’d get through or not. Success was/is never assured, but it’s just something I can’t seem to worry about.

In fact, I sometimes try to make myself slightly stressed to get the adrenaline pumping – otherwise, I’d never get anything done!

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Very illuminative.

I try not to be, though I’m currently on the edge of picking up a chair and beating my co-worker into a grease stain on the floor.

I’m more emotional inside then I display on the surface but all in all I’m sickeningly calm and even-tempered. I can get displeased and annoyed but the whole jump up and down and throw a tantrum thing is alien to me. I’m just not built that way.