"Are you nuts? Of COURSE gays are more likely to be child molesters!"

I know I’ve been warned about this guy in a previous thread, but I found this link elsewhere. Unfortunately, the link quoted this piece of garbage (words or author? You be the judge), and I was thus unable to avoid it until it was too late.

I am filled with a sadness I am unable to describe.

Well, sure! Gays = evil. Child molesters = evil. Gee, how much clearer could it get? Also, gays are also more likely to have WMD’s, be North Korean, be Nazis, build giant “laser beams” on the moon and hold the world for ransom for 1 millllllllllion dollars – er I mean, 1 trillllllllllllion dollars …

Wow. Well, that just neatly disposes of all of MY counterarguments. I’m just overwhelmed by this individuals debating skills. How 'bout you guys?

I don’t know if I’d have been swayed had that sentence not been capitalized, but wow- such eloquence.

Wow, he saw that argument (Or fact) coming and headed it off nicely.

The APA will be stunned.

Gay me up now!

He mistyped ‘Won’t’.

It’s amazing how powerful, conclusive and respectable a debating tactic is ‘La La La, I can’t hear you’.

Works well enough for more than a few politicians.

And drug user = evil… hmm…

All right! Apparently, I rape children! And where’s Esprix…?


Out buying you more toothpaste.

Man, y’all are never gonna let him live that one down, are you? :smiley:

Derb is a sad case. He’s so talented and insightful, but has a blind spot a mile wide on this topic (he may have other blind spots). A couple of years ago we exchanged several friendly emails wherein I tried to convince him that while I’m a homosexual, I’m not a “homosexualist” (a term I haven’t seen him use in a while, although I had to stop reading him some time ago. He makes my head hurt.) Again, it’s just sad. Luckily he has zero credibility outside of the offices of NR.

Ever since Dreher left, NRO is nothing but a foul-smelling, noisy nursery. They’re becoming a discredit to the larger cause of conservative thought, and I think more and more folks are realizing it. About the only reasonable, thoughtful person left there is their token African-American; I’m forgetting his name at the moment.

I get into this same fucking bullshit argument with some of the pinheads on military.com.

The math, of course, is right. The conclusions are wrong.

Men are more likely to be child molesters than women. So by the reasoning of my worthy opponents on other message boards… we should lock all men up. Or keep our children away from them. Or try to “convert” all men to being women. Or condemn them all as sickos. Take your pick!

What “math” is right?

If I’m remembering this right, there is some reason to believe that the miniscule precentage of gays who are pedophiles is slightly higher than the miniscule percentage of straights who are pedophiles.

The difference being small enough that anyone who wants to make something of this is either irrational, shitty at math, or a homophobe.

And right after posting that I went trying to dig up the sources that led me to this overall impression, and I can’t find the same stuff. It appears at present I can’t support the above statement, and I probably look like an asshole.

Hold still…

Somebody explain the Esprix/toothpaste thing please? I seem to have missed it entirely.

Nonononono. It’s SPOOFE/toothpaste (from back when he was still Bo Diddly). Some years ago, SPOOFE got the idea that, since toothpaste was nice and luby and wet when you used it on your teeth, it would make good lubricant applied to the other head. And shaft. Etc.

What that head lacks, however, is salivary glands. So when SPOOFE applied it to the relevant area, he got … well, it didn’t feel good, and the resulting injury (SPOOFE, was it a slight tear/cut?) didn’t feel much better with minty freshness in it.

If there’s more to the story, I’ve yet to read it.

Sodomy… Fellatio… Cunnilingus…Pederasty
Father , why do these words sound so nasty?