Are you ready to die?

Are you ready to die? By which I mean, are you comfortable with your own mortality yet?

Personally I’m extremely uncomfortable with it and it’s a subject I think about quite often, never pleasantly. And I’m still pretty young too! :frowning:

I can’t understand worrying about death. Once it happens you’ll be dead and you won’t care. While you’re living, no amount of fretting will change that it will happen sooner or later. “Worrying about death” is pretty much #1 on my “stupidest wastes of effort” list.

Sometimes, depends on the day. In the throes of my kidney stone, I was quite ready to give up the ghost. I’ve also been passively suicidal before, and there are many days where I feel so empty, I’d have been grateful to get hit by a semi-truck while driving to work just so I could feel something.

Not on my good days, though.

Ready if I have to, planning on sticking around


No. I have a three-and-a-half-year-old daughter who will still need her mommy for many years. Plus, I rather like living.

Yeah; I can handle it myself, but don’t want to hurt my family.

No. I’m staying alive for the sake of my cats. Josie doesn’t want another human.

No, not at all. I’m well aware that worrying about it is pointless, but that doesn’t mean I can always stop myself.

My biggest fear is that there’s absolutely nothing after death. . .and you’re aware/conscious of it. So you are just floating along tediously in the darkness, crushingly bored, for eternity. Just thinking about it is making me panicky.

To be clear, I answered the post, which asked if you’re comfortable with the idea of death. Answering the thread title just on it’s face, I am not “ready” for death in the sense that I do not desire to die. Life’s where I keep all my stuff.

Hell, I was ready five years ago. My luck, I’ll live to be a hundred and fucking four.

Still have a few things on the to-do list, like seeing my daughters married off. I would also like to see grandchildren, which my own father did not manage to hang on for. I believe he missed out on a lot by not meeting the girls.

But otherwise, I’m as ready as I suppose I can ever be.

Not yet. On and off I thought I would die and on and off, I was prepared for it, but for now, I’m not ready.

I’m not too worried about death though I’d like to be immortal and even assuming there’s life after death I’d rather be immortal in this life.

But I don’t feel complete yet, there’s still a lot of things I’d like to do first.

And I’d like to organize my stuff first so other people don’t have to go through all my crap.

I’d like not to suffer through the process, but I’m not afraid of it.

I’m not ready. I rather like my life. When I find myself thinking about death, I do try to remind myself that I won’t care about what I’ll miss. But sometimes it does seem unbelievable that there will come a day when I will no longer exist. It takes my breath away sometimes.

It seems such a waste.

There are many things which worry me more than the prospect of my own death. I have no problem accepting the fact that I am going to die, nor with the fact that I am relatively limited in my ability to delay my death.

Ready and comfortable with mortality are two very different questions. I am comfortable with my mortality now, but I am certainly not ready to die. :slight_smile:

I am not particularly scared of death…not that I’m in a rush to do it, and I certainly would fight like the dickens to stick around, but the concept doesn’t terrify me anymore. I’ve become slightly agnostic, but I figure I’ll likely either go to a nice afterlife or I’ll blink out, which will of course feel like nothing, so it’s not really anything to fear. I don’t really believe in hell, so I’m not scared of that.

As far as being ready, my main purpose for avoiding death isn’t so much for me now, but rather so that my daughter doesn’t grow up without a father…so I’m more scared of my daughter losing her dad than I am of me losing my own life, if that makes any sense. I also think I have a lot left to accomplish…I want to see my kids grow up and get married and have their own kids (if they so choose). I want to have advantures with my wife after retirement (though these things are quite a ways off), but I don’t really fear death anymore.

I have different days. When everything is settled and there’s a lull, I think ok, this would be an ok day to die (I guess that’s somewhat weird?). When things are up in the air, I need to settle something, or something really good is just visible on the horizon, I do NOT want to die. As far as my own mortality, I am fine with that. We have done all we can to assure that our pets will be looked after if we both keel over at the same time (no kids here), and if it’s just me, Mr. Akimbo will be ok. So…not afraid, and I vacillate about ready or not.

Can you give me 15 minutes? I’ll be ready to go.

Spiritually, yes.

In every other way - no.

It wasn’t until I lost my mom that it really hit me that I’m not gonna live forever. I’m still adjusting to the idea.

I almost died in a hospital bed a couple of years ago, and I can confidently say having dodged that bullet I am not anywhere near ready to die in the slightest, not by any fucking fraction. I got shit to do.