Are you right where you want to be this Christmas or longing to be elsewhere?

Big toe or little toe?? :stuck_out_tongue:
Here in Vegas it’s 60 degrees and i have the door and windows open. Blah.

I wish I was at home in Missouri with my family in the cold and snow. They are all going to be together today gathered up by a roaring fire, laughing and eating wonderful things and laughing some more. All 12 of them. Twelve of the people I love more then anything on this earth.

Thats where I wish I was! :slight_smile:

Sooooooooo… what your saying is that you would give up ANYTHING for her AS LONG as you could live normally and you wouldn’t MISS it?!?!? Is that what your saying Montfort?? :stuck_out_tongue:

At least he said it (though he didn’t) with proper punctuation.

It’s sort of a combination of a where/who. With Mine wherever she is.

I would like to be with my friends. They don’t constantly rag on me, unlike the fam.

Yes and no… and yes and no

I’m happy where I am, but wish my son could have been home.

And someday, I’d like a big, extended family Christmas like when I was a kid, so my daughter can have one.

Little toe, preferrably.

But, with all the trouble I have with ingrown nails on the big toes, I wouldn’t miss them either.

"<Aenea> tigger, you still scare me ;). I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has said about me. (Except when Una called me hot. :D) "

Oh, come on . . .

Crack’d, I wish you and scratchie were here! Or I was there. But I will be soon.

It almost would have been easier to not be with my family this year. I’m moving cross-country on Thursday and it was a somewhat sad day. My grandma is 82, and while she’s happy for me, she’s also afraid she’ll never see me again. It was a nice day, but when it drew to a close, there were a lot of tears.

I’m finally where I wanted to be for years, at home.
I hate the family gathering and begged off this year with “last minute car trouble”. Ahh the peace. I love the “larger family”, but not when the traditions get in the way so much. And I just had my fill of that at Thanksgiving!

It really doesn’t matter where I would be…I’d just want iampunha to be there.

I was at my inlaws. We alternate, and that’s fine and fair, and my parents never ever make me feel guilty about the years that we aren’t with them. But lordy I was homesick today. I couldn’t even call them for most of the day because I knew I would bawl. We are flying to see them tomorrow, but there is something about celebrating the traditions that I am used to, with them, that is unmatched.

We’ve only had three Christmases so I suppose this will get easier.

In Danny’s arms and loved is where I’d love to be. That isn’t meant to be because Danny is now my ex and I’m not sure if he ever loved me and I doubt he loves me now.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’ll get better. You’ll find someone, who at the least, returns your phone calls.

and what do you know… it was neither… Merry FUCKING Christmas. :slight_smile:

As long as you have a roof over your head, food on your table, and the right people around you, does it matter where?