Are you right where you want to be this Christmas or longing to be elsewhere?


Tell me why you’re right where you want to be or where you wish you were.

I wish I was at my mom’s house in Denver right now! This is my first Christmas without my family and it is tough. I get to work overnights all this week (Sunday - Friday). :::sigh::: I had just stopped thinking about them and then I read this post. Well, crap, here come the water works again.

I hope everyone else out there is having a happy holiday season.

I should be at my youth group’s international convention in Boston right now. The stupid office lost my application and now I don’t get to go. It’s not fair. Now I’m stuck in Florida with my parents when I could be seeing snow with my friends. Grrrrrr!

I wish I was in New York with my mom and my friend Lurkernomore. We would have a great Christmas then.:smiley:

Well I just got home after a dark, miserable 3 hr drive through the icy, snowy, mountains, with rain & sleet making conditions even worse. I wish my daughter were with me (we spent some time together today) but if she were, we’d both be miserable. Figure that one out! She is growing up and I am letting go. As sad as this may sound, I am actually happy to be home (alive!) and I am happy for her that she is having fun with her friends, and she is in the town that she loves living in.

Things are quiet here, just the way I like it! I live alone, with just my pets, and I am happy being alone. My daughter just got an apartment with 2 other girls; she has lots of friends & parties to go to (just the way she likes her life!)

I wouldn’t have risked the drive if I hadn’t really wanted to be here, so I am right where I want to be. It is a peaceful feeling & I wish I could send some of this feeling to anyone who isn’t where they’d like to be.

I would give anything and everything I have to be with my dear SO and our newborn son this Christmas.
I have never been so lonely, or wanted to be with anyone so badly, in my entire life.
I can’t even think about it without crying.

Longing to be physically elsewhere? No.

My husband & I just got done wrapping the gifts. I was lazy this year, and didn’t even start wrapping until just now. So, up until the moment the kids went to bed, there was literally nothing under the tree. There’s quite a bunch under there now. I can’t wait to see their little faces tomorrow morning. :smiley:

Thank the Goddess the kids are so young. They don’t know, and will never know, just what we went through this Christmas. We are so tapped out for money it’s unreal. I also thank the Goddess for the Dollar Store, and for the fact that my husband works at a combination music store/coffee shop that sells a few things besides coffee & musical instruments. They had probably the last two scooters in the county, and my husband got Santa an employee discount. They’re going to my stepson and his older sister, who is in New York with her mother.

One more thing I thank the Goddess for–on the way home from my mom’s tonight, I saw a shooting star. So, being the sappy fool that I am, I wished on it. Being the pathetically broke person I am, I wished for just a little money. Not the lottery, mind you. Just enough to last me until I get my next paycheck, on the 29th. While I was in the basement rooting around for some Scotch tape, I stumbled across a $50 savings bond, dated November 1999. I can cash it on Tuesday, when the banks are open again. Freaky, huh? :smiley:

Well, “Christmas” isn’t a big deal for me, except that I get a long weekend and a month+ bout of hearing bad music finally ceases.

But, I don’t care where it is, I’d give a toe to be with Anniz right now.

Washongton D.C., with Sailor boy.

Oh, I wish…

I would like to be anywhere other than here at work…

I’d much rather be in Dayton OH. with my parents, and two of my siblings. This will be the first christmas without my grandfather. He always made christmas so much more enjoyable, even if it were only talking to him on the phone. I recieved a package from my parents friday, in it they had shipped several of poppop’s effects, things that they knew I had enjoyed looking at when we visited him and that they were holding for my return. Instead they got to ship them to me, and I got to spend several minutes trying to keep from losing my composure alone.

I really wanted to be in Dayton tonight.

Where I would like to be doesn’t exist. So I have to settle for being in my apartment, with my pets, and later I have to go to work.

I wish I was celebrating with Radna, bulimic Claudia, Julia, John, shakin’ Claudia, Kathy, Steve,… .Friends - You know.

Unfortunatelly they are scattered over two continents at the moment. :rolleyes: and those who are near me have to celebrate with their family…


I wish I were with my family. This being alone stuff sucks weenie big time. In 38 years I have never been alone on Christmas eve or morning before.

I’m saying as BornDodgy,
not where but with who.
And the who is off course Montfort.
Anywhere with him would do,
even the moon.:slight_smile:

Well, for all the weirdness I was feeling last night, the morning turned out to be wildly successful.

The kids are gleeful. The scooter that Santa brought my stepson won Best Gift, although right now he’s quite happily playing with the RoseArt 78-piece art kit that we got him ($2.50 at Target–I’m gonna have to stockpile a few of those, when I get the chance). My daughter is dressed in the dress-up outfit that my stepson’s mom got for her, and my baby son is eating some tissue paper.

My husband and I skipped gifts for each other today (we’ll do it when the finances are a little better), but I managed to pull together enough to get him a small gift from the kids, a pocket watch from Avon that says “DAD” on it. He was speechless. It’s a really nice looking watch (FAR less expensive than it looks), and he’s also got a major soft spot for dad-related stuff.

All in all, I’m right where I want to be. :smiley:

A toe? Just a toe? That’s it? One little toe? CHEAP! :smiley:

I just knew someone would call me on that.

I was going to say “an arm” but I kinda need both of them, and I’m sure Anniz would rather me keep them.

Then, I thought about “my long flowing locks of hair” but realised that well, it’s not worth it to lose that when I could otherwise wait three lousy weeks to see her.

So, I decided on the toe, because, well, I think I could live as I do normally if I lost one. And, well, they’re rather huge and ugly and I won’t miss one if it were gone.


Well, I wish that I was with my wife, but we’re separated. :frowning:

On the bright side, oldscratch is sleeping on my couch. Should be an interesting Christmas when he wakes up. Either that or really really weird…

Mr. Del and I had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner around the tree last night, and a very leisurely Christmas morning here. I do have some pangs about not being with my family, as they always have an extremely fun and usually totally wild (was it Christmas 82 or 83 when Grandma’s car caught fire?) holiday celebration. But they live about 7 hours away, and Mr. Del has to work tomorrow, so if I had gone to see the family, that would have meant not being with Mr. Del.

So even though I am right where I want to be this Christmas, it’s a little hard being away from family.