Are you (still) registered to vote?

I think I am but I will not only check closer to the Midterms but I will keep my eye on news sites talking about those who suddenly find themselves disenfranchised.

I post this not only as a PSA but also to point and laugh … and maybe nod understandingly, at my state’s “check it” website’s url.

Yes, I am, and today I also mailed back my application for an absentee ballot.

I mailed mine in a couple of weeks ago and I just checked to verify I am registered.

You can go to this site, which links to all fifty states, to check if you’re registered:

Permanent absentee ballot here, it’s a great way to go.

California native (and citizen) here. They don’t play that game, even behind the Orange Curtain.

And even if they did, I voted in the primary, so I maintained continuity.

Thanks to a good plea bargain.

My registration is active. One primary several years ago the polling place didn’t have my name so I had to vote provisionally. I double-checked my registration later that day and I was registered. So it was just an error, which is why we have the provisional vote backup. And the next election everything was okay.

According to my mom, I’m still registered in Ohio, where I haven’t lived this century. There’s no process to remove yourself from the voter roll. (Well, I suppose I could commit a felony in Ohio to make them remove me. :smack: )

Active voter.

Reported for forum change since no one seems to be complaining.

And yep. Always vote if I’m not traveling.

Just posting to say I recently moved and did the formal change of address thing through the post office late July (which had an option to also update your voters registration - it was either $1 or free, I forget), and only just received my new voters registration card this week, so it took 6-7 weeks.

So if you recently moved and haven’t upped your registration I would suggest doing so ASAP.

Called the New York Bd of Elections almost 3 years ago when the Republicans first started to lie about dead people on the rolls voting for Democrats.
I explained that while it was nice to still see my dad’s name listed (he was right above me alphabetically every time I voted), he had been dead for 7 years at that point and really should be removed.
Well… first they needed to do an investigation to see if he had actually voted in the last 7 years (umm, no, he was dead). They then demanded an affidavit, as well as his original death certificate.
My siblings couldn’t find an original copy of the DC, so at that point I gave up.

Just checked and yup, over 9 years later he is still listed as being an active voter.

Yes, though I haven’t filed for my absentee ballot yet. I tend to do that in October when I’m not voting in a primary. (And as I didn’t care which Democrat won, I didn’t this time.)

Still, since you reminded me, I decided to go ahead and get it done. It’s close enough to October anyways. And it turns out the ballot for my state has a mistake in the URL for who to send it to, so I’m contacting my Secretary of State to let them know. (If their tech support is any good, they could make the typo redirect to the correct address, without needing to change the ballot.)

Yes, all four of the voters in my Ohio home got registration-confirmation cards from our county board of elections a few weeks back. I wouldn’t miss this election (well, just about any election, after all) for the world.

It wouldn’t have made any difference if you had gone through all the hoops and gotten his name removed from the roll. The Republicans would have just said “See? This proves the Democrats are guilty. They’re hiding all the dead people they’ve had voting for them.”

We always get the mail in ballot. So yep.

Yep, new card arrived in the mail a week or so ago.

Yes, registered and will vote in person.

Yep, I’m registered. Sadly, I’m mostly voting against people than voting for them since moving to KY (man, do I hate Mitch McConnell).

Moved to MPSIMS.

Yep, used to be registered Green Party, but then switched to independent in 2016 so I could vote in the Republican Primary against Donald Trump. Haven’t switched back to Green yet. I might just stay independent so I can vote in the Dem primaries. I’m not sure though.