Are you using the old or new SDMB style?

Now that you’ve had time to get used to the new style and also have the option to go back to the old style - which are you using?

The only thing I liked about the new style was the “top of the page” floating button that everyone else seemed to hate.

As soon as there was the option to go back to the old style I made the switch back.

How does one go back to the old style?

Down at the very bottom, left side of the page, is the drop down box to choose.

Ah… that’s better!

Old. Much easier on the eyes.

Old, since I tried to use the code tags and they don’t work with the new style.

Old. And what a relief it is to have it back again.

Now I’m using old, thanks! It’s so much more compact, less wasted space.

New. 'Cause inertia.

The old style. The new one sucks.

I access SDMB on my Windows laptop, my home Macintosh, my iPad and my iPhone. It’s always seemed perfectly responsive (mainly readable) on all of those, although the font was small on the phone. I’m familiar with responsive technology but I can’t figure out why the new skin is supposed to be more responsive. It’s nearly impossible to use on my iPhone, even after the tweaks that they made. So I’ve reverted back to the old skin.


I can’t stand “improvements” as we know them at this point in technology. Why can’t programmers just solve back-end issues and security problems without also moving things around on the interface for no apparent reason? “This button over here, that’s been there for five years with no problems? Let’s move it to the other side of the screen. What? No, we’re not changing what it does, just moving it around for s*** and giggles.”

F*** them in the neck.

I stopped reading that endless thread on the changes, so I hadn’t noticed that Ed put through the option. A million thanks for this thread. Since I only read the Dope on my computers I switched within a second after seeing how.

On a PC, that’s one keypress (“Home” button). Works on any page, and all websites.

On some laptops, they force you to press two at once, but it’s still the home function.

I have noticed that the ads dont seem to be as domineering as they used t be - in both versions! thanks TPTB!


old because the type in the post was too big for me and the thread pages drove me nuts …

Both. Old on my desktop, where it is definitely superior. New on my android devices, where I think it is a very modest improvement.

I view the SDMB on a desktop and voted “old”.

It would have been revealing if the poll had included options for whether you primarily view the Dope with a desktop/laptop or a phone. For that reason, and because it looks like several people have changed from new to old after reading this thread, it might be nice to have a “redo” and start the poll over.
PS: I will say once again that the one thing I really, really, really like about the new format is that you can see the location and post count of guests. Since guests seem to outnumber members by a good amount this is a very nice feature to have.

I still hope the feature will be added to the old format.

Old. I didn’t hate the new but I didn’t dislike the old either and some quirks of the new were off putting (such as the font size on my work computer)