Are you using the old or new SDMB style?

Also both. Most of my reading and posting is done on a desktop, where the old skin is superior. But if I do post from my phone, the new skin is a definite improvement.

Old. I read on my laptop, and the new skin felt swollen and oddly proportioned. So glad I saw here that I can switch back to old.

I went back to the old style as soon as I learned I could. I only visit the Dope on a laptop, for what that’s worth.

Yes! Now I can vote “old style”.

Old school - er, style. I generally don’t surf the Dope on a mobile device, and on a computer, the new version looks way too disjointed.

If you really want to see the location and post count for a guest, under the old style, you can, but you have to go to their public profile to see it.

And old all the way. When I’m looking at the listing for an entire forum, I want to be able to see more than seven threads listed at once.

Old. I can read the forum just fine without that much white space on screen.

New on a laptop. I like the larger font. I’m not wild about the spacing between topics, but I’ll get used to it.

On my desktop I use the new skin with BigT’s userscript.

On my mobile devices, I use the old skin. The new one is absolutely unusable on my iPhone, and only so-so on the iPad.

I didn’t know one could switch back. Now that i do, I have.

Primarily on a tablet, I switched back for two reasons. On my Subs page (my SDMB bookmark), I could not see the last poster in the right column; having ads, the forum menu was often not functional, being interfered with by an ad. And a tablet is bigger than a phone, so that full-width hamburger menu thing is nearly useless and always annoying. The new theme seems to have somewhat inconsistent behavior, which does not happen with the old one.

New style, but only because of this:

I often toggle between forums by changing the number in the url line. I just know that 7 = GD, 5 = BBQ Pit, etc. But now, if I use the old style, the url doesn’t end with the forum number, it ends with the style option. It’s kind of a PITA to locate my cursor in the right place to hit just the forum number. Much easier when that number is the very last thing on the line.

But I only had a slight preference for the old style anyway, so no big deal.

I went along with the flow of the new style but, on reading this thread, I decided to try the old one again. Immediately I thought, “Oh, that’s much better.”

The one thing I didn’t like was the ads spaced between peoples’ comments. I’d get to one and think it was the end of the thread but accidently scrolling a bit farther a few times taught me it wasn’t. I still wonder what I missed before I discovered that.

With the new version I only got one ad (repeated, of course.) I can’t decide if it was the only one that managed to get past my ad blocking software or what. At any rate, it was pretty unobtrusive, which was nice for my blood pressure. Can’t complain about that.

Glad I’m back with the old program. The ads are uglier but at least they’re at the bottom.

Actually, you were getting zero ads with the new one. What you were getting instead was something that looked just like an ad, and was just as annoying as one, but which wasn’t an ad and therefore wasn’t even generating any revenue, which the programmers decided to insert for no discernible reason.

I use the new style. The old style was impossible on mobile and on desktop I see no significant difference.

Yes, I know. But it is much nicer to see it at a glance. Especially given how many people mention "around here or “in my hometown” or “where I am” in their posts without saying where they are. :smack:

And, as I mentioned above, it seems at any given time there are FAR more guests posting than members. Maybe leaving their post count and location off of their posts is supposed to be an incentive for them to pay to join but really it’s just a hindrance to everyone else.

New I think because I’ve never changed it since the turnover.

The change isn’t noticeable enough for me to really care

Oh my god thank you. I have been away for quite a while and came back to the new style. It took me about 32 seconds to detest it. Luckily for me, I found this after only about 20 minutes so I didn’t have to suffer long!

I could marry you right now.

Gimme some more hints. How do I get the drop downs box to open? Exsactly
what keywords am I looking for down there? Maybe I can find the command if I use Ctl-F