aren't comics-like pencil sketches really cool? where do you get them cheap and quick?

Everybody loves expensive flash and stupid “smiling girl” photos on their websites nowadays. Well, as for me, I love pencil sketches. Nothing fancy, the level of quality of what you see in Dilbert, earlier PhdComics, New Yorker magazine and similar. A well thought-out pencil sketch is a cool thing.

Anyway, so suppose I come up with an idea for a pencil sketch. A competent guy could probably draw it in 20 minutes, without being a Times Square level genius. So, how come there is no place on the web where I can come, have an artist draw the sketch for me in real time on the whiteboard (he would probably be using handwriting input device of some sort) and pay him for the time spent? Moreover, other people could go to that site as well and, if I allow them, watch my sketch being drawn as a way to build community and have fun.

Wouldn’t that be cool? What if there exists a whole undiscovered potential customer base of people who would be willing to commission simple sketches if it were easy and cheap to do?

Any thoughts? What would YOU do if you wanted to get a pencil sketch of, let’s say, Bush and Obama having a flute competition while the economy burns, done?

This seems more suited to IMHO than GQ.

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  1. Draw stuff.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

(I’ve been working on Step 2 for most of my life. :slight_smile: )

So you want to watch your art being drawn, similarly to the artists you see on the street? I’m wondering whether a webcam mounted over the paper wouldn’t be better. I use a drawing tablet, but for actual sketching I still prefer paper and pencil or ink.

That’s an interesting idea. Watching people draw can be captivating. Also, perhaps giving feedback as the work is being done could be productive.

For simply commissioning people to draw stuff for you, there’s a bunch of freelancer sites like rentacoder etc.


Goblins is a webcomic that is aimed at gamer geeks. He has videosof himself drawing the comics, which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Maybe he’ll draw something for you. The comics sometimes contain extreme violence and sometimes show partial nudity. They are not suitable for children or some workplaces. Accordingly, I have replaced one period in each link with a comma. To get to the websites, just remove the commas and replace them with periods.

And, by the way, sometimes this comic is hilarious…if you’re a gamer.

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