Ariana Grande does Spears, Aguilera and Celine Dion

I’ve never been a particular fan of Ariana Grande nor really ever cared for her that much from what little I’ve gleaned about her as a person. But someone posted this on my Facebook feed and I was pretty damn impressed. Seems to have a pretty good sense of humor too. I may have become a fan.

She has a great voice, but I am not a fan. Grande is better vocalist than spears, though I like Britney better as an artist. She is equal to Aguilera, but nowhere as good a singer as Celine Dion objectively.

(Looks around…doesn’t see the link he expected…leaves)

I think I would agree on both counts.

And sorry, Dale, I should have worded the title more carefully. :wink:

I like.

Yeah, I saw the headline and said to myself, “I’d watch that”.

That was fun!

I thought the same when I saw it. I don’t really think I’d call myself a fan, but I did at least switch from thinking she was yet another TV star turned singer without any real talent.

Though apparently every female singer can do that Britney voice. It sounds like an effect to me, but it’s apparently real.

Just went back and watched it again. The Aguilara impression was amazing. I replayed it twice more. And the Celine thing, especially when she brought Fallon in with her, was fun too. Kid knows how to fill a slot on a talk show and how to play to an audience. I think I’m even more impressed now than I was the first time I saw it.

I can do that Britney voice.

Okay. How do you get it to sound like it’s going through some lowpass filter(sorta like a telephone)?