Army Stress Cards

When I was in the Army it was quite common for soldiers to mention stress cards. These supposed magic cards were handed out the Basic Training recruits and if a Drill Sargent got too in your face and made you feel overly stressed you were supposed to hold up the stress card and then you could take a 15 minute break. I never actually met someone who claimed to have used the cards it was either an old timer saying that back in the 80s 90s they had them but took them away or convinced that new recruits were being issued them. Did the concept of stress cards ever really exist or is it part of the soldier mythos of how “back in my day things were tough not like today” that old soldiers tell everyone so that they can feel indignent?

I went through basic training in the late eighties and never heard of such a thing before this thread.

Did you ever hear of Snopes?

By the way, the rank is Sergeant, not *Sargent.