Arnold beats Davis & Kennedys

Finally, deceptive dirty player Gray Davis has fallen to his doom. Even behind the scenes Kennedy clan double cross failed to beat Arnold. Not that he’s so good, it’s that Davis and his supporters, like Al Sharpton and Al Gore, are clearly what no one wants around anymore.
To Gray Davis: It’s payback time

And the debate is?

What is the debate? More like a comment. End of story.

Actually, 3.5 million Californians declared that they still wanted Davis to keep his job. So I question your assertion that “no one wants” him anymore.

The recall effort succeeded, but it wasn’t a landslide victory. The proposition 53 and 54 issues were decided by a far greater margin than the recall vote. This tells me that there are likely lots of folks who will be dissatisfied with the election, and this could mean trouble for the new governor.

I’ll vote for “limp-wristed rant.” Add a few more expletives, toss in a Bill Clinton slam, and it’d be just another conservative bubble.

How did the Kennedy’s double cross Arnold? …by duping the poor lug into a 18 year sham marriage?

Nice rant. You might try the BBQ Pit next time.

Grump: I’m not sure if there is a standard definition of landslide, but I think 55-to-45 qualifies. The comparison to ballot initiatives is not really relavent. They routinely have very wide margins. Governor races typically do not.

The people that voted “NO”, voted against the recall. It was known that a majority of the voters were against the process. It does not follow that they were all in favor of Davis.

Yeah, what did the Kennedy’s do? :confused:

Those dastardly Kennedys not only double-crossed him, but then they all came and stood behind him and cheered when he won!

Do they have no shame?