Arnold, Cyclists and Hamantaschen - A Signs of Spring MMP

I was out for a walk earlier this week and saw one of the signs of Spring in my community: professional cyclists, starting to get ready for the season. There’s a serious race in late June and the uniformed cyclists start to come out about now.

This of course got me to thinking, as I was walking past what most people think of as signs of Spring (rocuses, chionodoxa, snowdrops, various and sundry green shoots): what other non-standard signs of Spring are part of my life?

Here on the Board, there’s zev_steinhardt’s Hamantaschen thread, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. (If you haven’t seen the pictures, you have to. It looks like so much fun; and it’s cool to see how his kids have grown.)

In downtown Columbus, the true harbinger of Spring is the “Arnold,” as it’s affectionately known in these parts. It’s about 4 days of huge crowds with all kinds of fitness and body-building interests. This year there was even a film festival.

Those are my random signs - I’m sure I’m forgetting several. What are yours?

Happy Monday, everyone! (Figured I’d get us started while it was still the first day of Spring where I am…)


Boy, howdy! I’m first!

Harbinger of spring? The Dairy Serve is OPEN!!!

my allergies are always a decent harbinger - that and a flare or 5 from my auto immune disorder.
other ones? my neighbor cleaning his grill and arguing with his in laws, in Greek, on his deck, until 2:00am; landscapers’ trucks blocking my driveway; sounds of home improvement projects up and down the whole street.

udder’n’dat - have a good week

I know it’s spring when my husband starts telling me he’s going to prune the roses today. This goes on for a week or so, before I get out and prune the roses.

It’s been spring in Seville for several weeks, although last week the weather went back to winter all over Spain. We’re having day-night temperature differences about 20ºC, with the temperature verily jumping when the sun goes up or down.

I know Spring is a-coming when I look at my house and want to change everything. My version of nesting is having to remind myself that IKEA, natura and hippie-furnishings shops do not need to survive on my business.

For Mom’s visit two weeks ago I’d switched the two beds and shuffled around a ton of stuff, so I was in the small bedroom and had the computer there. I still could hear the TV through the closed door, but rarely understand it, whereas being in the living room with it makes my middle ear hurt - no, the problem is not the telly, it’s Mom’s hearing which she claims is “good for her age” and does not intend to get an aid for. So reshuffling stuff back around got rid of most of the nesting need. Buying a few pots for the kitchen attacked another chunk. Next is buying some new linens, because the old ones are being turned into rags: the cotton ones have been looking “about to break” for over a decade, the ones which are partly acrylic are to the point where they feel kind of yucky after just four nights; Seville’s humidity doesn’t help. I want to find all-cotton ones if possible, they’re more expensive but with this humidity they’re a lot comfier.

Good morning all, happy Monday morning! :slight_smile: I’m up and caffeinating and have had a bowl of apples and cinnamon oatmeal, good stuff.

Great OP idea, GT! My harbinger of spring is always the forsythia–when I see that bright yellow bush in bloom, I know that spring is finally here, no more winter weather. And usually that’s true. I also look for the daffodils and jonquils. My favorite flowering plant of spring is the lilac; it doesn’t usually do well in this area though because the winters are not cold enough for it! It needs cold winters and snow, apparently, to flourish. And naturally the cherry trees, all many different kinds of them, are definitely a spring harbinger in the Washington DC area. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week, and that allergies won’t act up too much.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ YAWN ‘Tis 59 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 83. This means it’s Spring. Also, the pine trees are in the midst of their annual orgy. Oh and the first mowin’ of the year which happened week before last. So, Spring done sprung down heah.

Ok, I got nuttin’ else right now. I need more caffiene and some brekkie for rumbly tummy. Then irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!


Odd dreams last night. Not scary, unless you have an irrational fear of Amurrkin subversive right-wing radio talk show hosts.

I need more WTHU. Carry on.

Ack! My husband has been home for 8 days, now, this morning he says he’s calling in sick.
He worked out too hard yesterday and hasn’t slept well; his muscles ache. :dubious:

That will mean a total of 11 days home, under foot. Do I sound ungrateful? Maybe he’ll prune the roses…

Harbinger of spring? Pine pollen turning everybody’s car the identical shade of yellow.
It’s been a busy week, there’s been work, hockey, the Booster Club did our annual Caniac Critters, where we build 350 bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop, and delivered then to the local children’s hospitals. Also my best friend’s dog died Friday night :(, so we had a wake with tequila and a 4 hour Jackass marathon. I got to handle the dog’s funeral arrangements(Friends help you move, best friends help you move bodies).

Now it’s up, caffeinated, and back to irk.

Sorry to hear about your friend’s dog, Doggio - a wake with tequila is a good way to celebrate the dog’s life though.

Harbinger of spring? That would be me thinking it’s high time I weeded the front borders then.

I am still sleepy from the weekend, tonight I have to change the bedding and get that in the wash tonight so that’s something to look forward to. Provided the cats have moved off the bed though.


Sorry about the friend’s dog, DB.

BooFae - that is one of my hardest chores. It is very difficult to make a bed with three dogs on it. By the time I get a couple to get down the others are jumping back on.

You’re in Columbus?? me too! My sign of Spring besides the crocuses I saw yesterday which almost caused my fiancee to wreck (Oh, look Honey! wAHHHH don’t DO that!!) I heard the ice Cream truck yesterday!

My sympathies Doggio – have a couple shots for me.

Spring? Trout Unlimited fundraisers. Luckily its usually beef and chicken cause I’m not the biggest fan of mass-prepared fish. The last one I had scheduled was this weekend but they run for another couple months. Summer is easier to judge - opening day at Knoebels! :smiley:

Well, we have one of our usual signs of spring going on as I type; it’s snowing outside. :frowning: Hopefully this will be winter’s last blow and we can start seriously hoping for spring weather after it.

Heh. Us too.

Ow ow ow. I think I have sciatica. I think i’m too young to have it! I protest!

Ugh. At work. Sinuses still clogged. Manager out sick. Had to cover interview for her. Getting better at interviews but still feels weird.

Lost ability to form completely sentences.

Howdy Y’all! Major kitchen/beer keg crisis has taken up a part of my day, as well as irk.

The crisis? Well, we have a major plumbin’ problem in the kitchen at the church house and tonight is men’s night. The kitchen is inoperable at this time. So, men’s night has been moved to a church member’s house which is no biggie. The keg crisis is the keg is at the church (left from Sattidy) and needs to be moved to the meetin’ place. I will not be drivin’ twuck as I am also the transport for two church members who do not drive at night. I should say one cause the other does not drive at all due to vision problems. I shall be transportin’ them in another vehicle as twuck does not have room for three people to ride. I reminded several others that there are other trucks available and that we can all meet at the meetin’ place and a couple people can go to the church house which is not far away and pick up the keg, thus crisis averted. After much wailin’ and gnashin’ of teeth on the part of several people and an overwhelmin’ urge to toss my cellphone out a window on my part, it has been decided my plan will work. Oh and I also managed to do some irk, so GO ME! :smiley:

doggio sorry about your friend’s dog.

LiLi I hope not! :eek:

taxi irk has interfered with my ability to form coherent sentences on more than one occasion through the years.

janis I’ve been hearin’ “Turkey In The Straw” played real fast since mid-February.

Ours plays Turkey in the Straw too!!!