Arnold The Govenator...I Pit Thee

Arnold is at it again…
I no Longer want to hear His rhetoric.

As a West Coast Native, I have seen Beach Access dwindle over the past 40 years. In the ‘50’s & 60’s, you could hop in your Jalopy,drive to the beach,park on the highway try not to step on any broken glass or a stingray and enjoy the day riding waves, cookin’ Hot Dogs and collecting Shells and sandollars. All this for the price of gas and a tube of Coppertone.

Time Travel Forward…The State Beaches now require a fee to Park. The average would be $5. For Locals who partake the beach on a semi-daily basis, an annual Beach Pass is available, the average cost would be $75. ( This pass is actually a State Park Pass) I Purchased my Pass yesterday and it is now $150. Even the Ranger said, “You can Thank Arnold for the increase”.

“Tanks Ahhnold, you ah weally fo da people”

Preachin’ to the choir, brother, preachin’ to the choir. Perhaps you have heard of his plans for our bridge? But hey, everyone agreed, we HAD to have him as governor. :rolleyes:

It isn’t the Governator. At least no completely. There are:
parking fees
access fees
“adventure” passes
daily passes
More and more places being out “off limits” due to one excuse or another.
And various numerous other charges, restrictions and licenses. Many of them in place before Arnold was governor.
If you want to assign blame, pass it around evenly. Ahnold is governor, not king. There are plenty of others in the mix. His bridge plans are unwanted and unnecessary. He can not simply decree that it be done. If it goes through, it is because other politicians went along with it.

Nope, not Ahnolt’s fault for the contractors wasting time and money. Ahnolt’s fault for refusing to allocate state funds to pay for anything more than a slab.

I didn’t say he is an innocent, I was saying he is not the only one in the mess. We need to clean house at all levels. We are going to get jerked around no matter who is governor. This whole state is like that, our cities are like that. We have Mayor Hahn and his pack of cronies here. Compared to him, Arnold is a amateur. But, if Arnold is this powerful, it is only because other politicians and cronies allow him to be. Pass the blame around, there’s plenty for all of them.

Well, gee. Why not have a special local tax assessment? Say, an increase in the sales tax for the city of Oakland. That way the state can pay for the part of the bridge that helps the whole state by increasing commerce and preventing disruption in the event of an earthquake and the locals who have to look at the thing all the time can pay for the pretty-looking part.

We did that. Agreed to increase taxes and fees for all the Bay Area bridges from $1 to $3. The GG brige commuters are paying $5. Before this is done, all the rest of us will be, too. I do not recall the number of commuters who cross the 7 bridges daily, but I do recall it was in excess of 100,000 people (non-commute lane) on the San Mateo bridge per day alone. Even taking CalTrans wages and operating costs into account, money should not be in that short supply.

He’s dong what he promised, which was not a particularly bad plan. He’s cutting costs and taking down budgets. The government is not obligated to make things fun or pretty for you.

All that and you still can’t afford the bridge? Then I’m thinking the Governator has a point.

Look, I like nice architecture and I’m sorry that steel prices spiked (Lord am I ever sorry for a ton of reasons not having to do with bridges on the west coast!), but I don’t think you can blame the governor for not finding money above and beyond all that! It looks from the article that there’s a pretty broad (if sad) consensus that the concrete dealie is all that can be done.

Actually, when a majority of the voters pass a bill to raise taxes specifically for a bridge plan, yes, they are most certainly obligated to carry out the plan they set forth. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I mean, I realize that’s not the way it works any more…but that is the way it’s supposed to work.

Manny, as I said previously, it was definitely the fault of the contractors that they took so damn long and spent so damn much on planning, for the love of all that’s holy. But I am paying higher bridge tolls to help pay for this. And now I’m told they’re going to get higher (another $2/day higher), and I will continue to pay them, even after this ugly slab gets built and paid for, and it STILL won’t be what I voted for! A bit annoying.

It doesn’t work that way in California. Sorry about that. Voters routinely vote in favor of higher taxes and bond issues (we almost made junk bond status) and then forget to find out where all the dollars went. Poof they just vanish.

You guys have to PAY to go to the beach? Thank dog it’s still gas and sausages here.

No, even worse, we have a general fund. And everyone wonders why we can’t balance the budget every year. :rolleyes:

Do I detect a relationship here?

Give the Guvernator a break; he’s trying to keep the state finances from hitting the toilet. He isn’t obligated to help you. And in this case it seems more like everyone involves is just wanting it over, so why are you blaming him specifically?

Lastly, while the taxes possibly should be remitted, there a real question of where the money went. If the bill floated a bond and talked about how wonderful a bridge you could build with the cash, your probably screwed and its gone. Or did it specifically set the money aside? If it did, then where is it?

In other words, you were being reamed by your local guys long before Arbnold arrived on the scene.

Yup. Sucks.

I’m sorry, which part of “We are stuck paying for this POS we didn’t vote to pay for” snuck past the comprehension center of your brain and twisted itself into “We’re begging the governor for a bridge we refuse to pay for” ?

Because he’s the prick that’s refusing to allow any other plan except the one we’re stuck with. And, no. Not everyone involved just “wants it to be over.”

Sorry, I thought “the contractors pissed it away” was a pretty specific answer.

Yes, and instead of correcting it by hiring another contractor, we’ll be getting bent over for several more years for something we’re not even sure is safe.

It is the responsibility of the Caleeforneea people to educate the rest of America about the failings of this ruthlessly ambitious bodybuilder and action movie character. Lest his admirers get our Constitution amended for his benefit and he becomes the “Game Over” President.

We have to stop him now, before his term ends. I don’t have to tell anyone here that there are plenty of people stupid enough to vote for him.

I may be getting confused, but isn’t that article about the deficit preventing the state from paying for critical repairs? I didn’t see the bridge mentioned anywhere therein.

I’m also a bit confused from the rest of the posts here. Was the bridge approved by voters, and did you ask for a specific design? Did you vote for the taxes to fund it?

Basically, it’s hard from an outsider’s perspective to see how residents in a state with $15 billion in structural deficit can realistically complain when the governor refuses to allocate still more money to a project which has sucked in $5 billion already for merely cosmetic purposes. If the books don’t balance, they don’t balance, and anyone seeking to rectify this is going to have to make some highly unpopular decisions.

The cards are stacked against him. There are too many special interests, special cronies, pet projects, ad nauseum.

That is the eternal question. Where does all the money go? As much tax as is collected at all levels, and all the money in this state, there should be no shortfalls at all (unless you want to talk about greed, corruption and incompetence).

Tha’s the point. We are already getting reamed, and will continue to get reamed after he is gone. It’s the natural order of things here.

I couldn’t believe there were enough people stupid enough to elect him governor. I kept yelling “He’s an actor, people! My God, did we learn NOTHING from Reagan?” Apparently not.

SteveG’s case in point Oh, and let’s not forget the fucking environmentalists. Don’t get me wrong. I’m as much about conservation as the next (normal) Californian. But the bridge is fucking necessary, and some of these environmental groups lobby to make sure not ONE SINGLE THING is changed before research is done to see how it’s going to impact the ecosystem of whatever area it’s being done in.
Deep breath…I love my home. The weather, the (normal) people, the diversity, the job security, the food, the entertainment…I love it. But I swear, the politics are enough to drive anyone batshit.

How is it the French managed to erect that beautiful suspension bridge for about a tenth of what we’ve already wasted in just under 1/3 of the time? And now, it turns out the ugly assed slab is going to cost just as much as the bridge people actually want.

I´m puzzled too, crazy Americans… :smiley: