Arrested Development, 12/05

Yay! I get to start an ADthread!

Which isn’t something we can expect to do for much longer! Boo!
When we last left our favorite dysfunctional family, Michael had proposed to Rita, and a giant mole had destroyed much of Sudden Valley when it was heroically defeated by a giant spaceman . . .

Episode 3.6: “The Ocean Walker”

After Michael announces he’s marrying Rita, George, Sr. worries that she’s after their family’s money. But when Rita’s Uncle Trevor tries to stop the wedding by revealing some surprising information about Rita, Michael must decide if he wants to walk down the aisle.

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Thanks for the reminder. I just set the DVR to record it in case I’m not home tonight.

And you reminded me to set the BRO(THER) to record as well. I’ll be at the company office party tonight, and if there’s karaoke, I’ll tell you one song I won’t sing…

“Skyrockets in flight…”

Mr. Roboto! Tobias’s hair! It’s been less than five minutes and it’s already better than anything else on the tube.

OMG. The still from Monster. Can’t breathe.

That was my reaction, too. I was literally gasping.

Gee, I thought the episode was kinda sad and depressing . . . Poor Rita . . . Poor Michael . . .

Missing it. Direct link, please?



I’m a man, dammit!


Oh God what a great end to the episode.

Up to this point I wasn’t too chuffed on the Rita thing but this episode made up for it.
I’ve got to rewatch the westcoast feed to see what I missed due to laughter.

My wife and I both rolled our eyes when GOB said it’s not my trick.
But then

When they did the “On the next Arrested development” I nearly died. Especially when Tobias was screaming why can’t I get my head under water

I knew I could count on them!!

GOB’s line at the end had me worried for a minute there also- uh oh, AD’s getting sentimental. Should have known better! How about Michael thinking to pick an appropriate “safe” word when he saw Rita’s cricket bat!

Solid “A” episode!

Poll within a thread:
Would you still marry Rita?

My vote, hell yes!

Rita’s uncle claimed that it was too bad that Michael didn’t meet her before she had plastic surgery. This photo flashed on the screen. Susie peed a little.

Loved the Monster shot. Also the “If you call it pop-pop, you’re not ready.” And the three houses of the British Parliament.

Just plain great, as usual. (Though the sound quality seemed a bit off: Ron Howard sounded like he was in an echo chamber.)

Yes, that acccent, smile…even if she didn’t own Wee Britain.

I loved the scene where her and Lindsay come back form shopping and they both look the same with those (riding?) hats on.

I’d hate for her to be gone now, but I think she is. :frowning: Hey, I had a girlfriend in Big Britain, I’m sure Michael can.

I thought it was a nice homage to Being There. Until the “next” AD where I was literally gasping to try to catch my breath. That’s just comedy.

**Michael: The Brittish have all funny words for things.

Tobias: Yeah, like when they say “Poofter” for “Tourist”.**


Watching the show just helps me remember how much I’m going to miss the show when it’s gone but the pain is worth it, this episode was hillarious. I sort of figured out that she was mentally handicapped a long time ago but it doesn’t make it any less funny.

The three houses of parliament joke was probably my favourite.

yeah, am I just ignorant or am I missing a joke within a joke?
House of commons, lords and…?

Michael isn’t really sure if Rita is mentally challenged and he asks her how many houses there are in the british parliament. Rita Answers 7 and Michael goes, “that sounds about right.” I just found it amusing that he’s asking her a question that he, himself doesn’t know the answer to.