Arrested Development, 12/05

Yeah, but is the answer really three? Like Ender I can only think of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Yeah that went right over my head. Someone care to explain?

Poofter is Big Britain slang for gay.

Just watched this episode. Oh man, that was the funniest part of the whole thing.

“No. That’s not my trick, Michael …”

“IT’S MY ILLUSION!!!” <Strike a victorious magician’s pose> Queue flame to Tobias’ hair. “Why am I not going underwater?!”

  • Peter Wiggen

Every time I watch this show I kick myself for not watching more regularly.

The ending was great. I rarely laugh out loud at TV, but I sure did this time!

Upper and Lower, yeah.

Yeah, it’s a joke within a joke (At least I hope it is, I am part of the commonwealth, I hope I’m right about the upper and lower house).

Could one of you with DVRs check something for me? I could swear that in the opening scene there’s some sort of blur going on around Buster’s wrist, as if his stump was something obscene. This only happened whenever there was a direct shot like you could see directly down his shirtsleeve. I know that the actor didn’t really lose a hand, but I was somewhat distracted and now I’m wondering if I was just seeing things.

I like how Job actually begins to plan a trick to deprive Rita of air for 20 minutes. That’s two Threepwoods!

Job? GOB.

Sheesh, it’s written on his Segway, for cryin’ out loud.

After the first white-out at the end of the episode, I was thinking that that is exactly why “Arrested Development” is just too good a show to be on television. Somehow, they’d managed to take a storyline that was filled with multiple-layer jokes, plot twists, subtle humor, cheap shock-value humor, sight gags, brilliant farce, topical references, real continuity and character development, all from a story about a guy trying to have sex with a retarded woman and his family’s lying to him about it in order to steal her money. And then, they added yet another layer to it by giving it an ending that was genuinely sweet and romantic without descending into schmaltz or over-sentimentality. It was just perfect.

But then they added the “next on…” bit, which just went back to the show’s in-jokes and backwards-references and screaming farce. Because they’ve gotta maintain their street cred, and stay edgy or else the fans will think they’re being “PC” or “corny”. It was still funny, but knocked it just short of perfection. (Because they’ve still got perfect timing, and kept the obvious punchline after the break.)

As Ron Howard said, “it would’ve been such a nice moment.”

No, they really did do a pixelation effect on his stump. I think the implication wasn’t that it was obscene, just that a dismembered hand would be too graphic to show on television.

I just finished rewatching most of the first two seasons, and while doing so, noticed how much incredible comedy mileage they got out of one word: “Her?” They used it a LOT, and it was hilarious every time. It was mostly referring to Ann, but they used it other times, too. Tonight, Lucille said it when Michael announced he was marrying Rita, and I nearly died. Brilliant writers on this show.

No, I think the implication was “Oops we forgot to put some kind of cover up on his hand, and you can clearly see it kind of poking out, so we’ll have to do something to draw attention away and/or to this.”

Which had the reverse effect as it drew my eye right in with “What the heck’s going on with his stump?” Why do I keep looking at/for pixelated areas? Something’s wrong with me.

Nah, I thought it was a deliberate joke, personally.

You didn’t think it was schmaltzy or over sentimental when Rita WALKED ON WATER?

I think the “On The Next AD” was perfect, and had it not been there, people would be throwing around “Jumped the shark” nonsense.

It’s a deliberate and reoccuring joke - they’ve been pixilating his stump for quite a few episodes.

"And I’m wearing an inside-out bridesmaids dress…)

When all real AD fans know the show officially jumped the shark on March 13, 2005, episode “Motherboy XXX”.


Buster was hilarious in this episode, perfectly played. I loved that Lucille added yet MORE vodka to her bloody mary while talking to Michael.

Also: “Michael was worried, his mother may just have been talking sense”
Tobais videotaping Michaels nuptials
Linsay speaking in a British accent
“he covers her with club sauce”


When Michael is talking to George, you see him start an abortive attempt to pretend to be Rita before giving it up
“Rita corny Michael!”
“A fifteen dollar thing of candy beans”
GM’s encyclopedic law of cousin marriage
Trevor is wearing a LegoLand tshirt to the wedding

I also didn’t get the Tiny Teddy thing until the 2nd viewing.