Arrested Development season 4 is now live.

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I’m on the second ep.

Is anyone else seeing the phrase “Showstealer Pro Trial Version” popping up on their screen in semi-transparent text every few minutes? :dubious:


Go see it for yourself.

I saw it as well, though I was just previewing to see if it was working.

Uh, I assume with the funny name, it was a joke. Pirated movies often have “for award consideration only”.

I wonder if the “showstealer” gag is for those who will be, I assume, pirating it in the next 24 hours.

They’ve been using that only for scenes from the previous 3 seasons, it looks like.

Did Lindsey/Portia have nose surgery? She looks like Calista Flockhart. But then she had something right at the base of her nose so I couldn’t tell if it was a fake nose or just a joke they’re setting up. I’m still in the middle of the second episode.
Tobias seems to have a lot of extra weight in his face too, but I’d chalk that up to not having seeing him in 7 years. Portia, I’ve seen over the years.

The showstealers watermark is showing up during flashbacks to things that we hadn’t seen before. It’s footage that hasn’t been aired and it’s supposed to look like it’s pirated. It’s just a joke.

Did anyone catch all the mail trucks going through the Ed Helms funeral. I have no idea what the was supposed to mean.

Is the Method One girl’s name Debris? And who is she, she looks familiar?

Maria Bamford

Yup, just saw the credits. It was Debrie, played by Maria Bamford, who most people know better as the crazy lady from the Christmas commercials for Target a few years ago.

I’ve made a huge mistake. I watched the first episode, then the fifth. I wasn’t paying attention. Didn’t seem to cause a big problem though (not that I was expecting it too).

Also, I’m sure everyone noticed that the episodes don’t seem to be what we were expecting them to be. They don’t seem to be catching up on what each individual character has been up to for the last 7 years. At least, it’s not how I was expecting it be.

Okay, watching them out of order…maybe that did cause a little bit of confusion as I’m catching back up.

Marky? James Van Der Beek? (ETA, no, maybe not)

What about the waitress?

Haven’t watched them yet, and I think I’m going to take my time to savor this experience. I’m not going to binge. I may watch a couple in a row, we’ll see, but it’s not going to be like other Netflix viewing experiences for me. This may be the last time I get to experience watching Arrested Development episodes for the first time ever again. I don’t want to burn through that experience. I don’t want it to be one giant blur. I don’t want to get to the end of the 15th episode and realize I’ve made a huge mistake.

Someone needs to get the credits online, the TiVo has a lag before it’ll pause so I have a hard time stopping right at a specific screen on the credits and they’re throwing in a lot of cameos.

Steve Holt has kinda let himself go. I thought he was Jim Belushi for a full thirty seconds.

Not sure if this is going to be true, but they did say at one point you could watch the new batch out of order. However, there is an order on Netflix so I’ll be following it.

I’ve since caught back up. It certainly wasn’t a big deal, but some things fell into place as I watched the previous episodes.

The run-times for some of the episodes are longer. So, while we only get 15, one of them is 37 minutes long, quite a bit longer than 22 minutes we’re used to.