Arrested Development Season 5 - May 29

Oh. Yes!!!

It’s here.

Trump: We’re gonna build a wall!

Lucille: That’s my wall! That’s my idea!

Trump: And we’re gonna make Mexico pay for it.

Lucille: OK…that’s a…clever twist!

I really want to continue liking AD, and maybe I will again. But my wife and I tried re-slogging through season 4 a couple weeks ago with the re-edits, and it was still just too exhausting. Nothing made sense, and it just seemed like tedious work trying to figure it all out. We watched the first two episodes of season 5 tonight, and it still felt like work. (Found ourselves pausing it every two minutes with questions like “Ok, why are GOB and his father doing this thing? Why is Michael running from Lucille 2? Why are George Michael, Maeby and Steve Holt in Mexico?”) I loved the first three seasons, but now it’s just getting too hard to follow. Sigh, maybe it’s just me. And maybe it’ll get easier as the season goes on, but as of now, there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be distracted by something else tomorrow night.

The 4th season re-mix was a mess. I’ll never watch it again.

Despite its flaws, I liked the original edit of the 4th season a lot more.

Binged it yesterday.

Starts off slow and is a big info dump. (Honestly, there were parts of the first episode where I couldn’t remember if I was watching new content, or if they were recapping last season.) It leans a little too much on callbacks at first, IMHO, but I think that’s to get people back into the spirit of the show. And there were a few that were subtle enough that you feel clever for catching it, rather than being beat over the head with the reference.

The plot seems to meander a bit, and people say that Portia (Lindsay Bluth) is green-screened for some of her shots.

Also, when Ron Howard is in a conversation in one of the later episodes, it’s shot fairly distracting (to me) because it’s pretty obvious that the other actor (I forget if it is Michael or George Michael) and he weren’t available at the same time for the scene. The entire conversation is shot where the camera angle alternates from behind the back of one character, to the other.

That being said, there were some really good moments (Lucille’s sayings, the #1 rule, the elevator, Michael’s new hobby at work, etc.).

It seems like it is picking up steam toward the end of the first half of the season, so I’m cautiously optimistic. Now that I’ve seen all the episodes released so far (and see where the plot is going), I think I’ll revisit it in a week or so.

Lindsay is definitely not in the room as everyone else and it was distracting. It was a real mess technically. The whole season, that is.

Plot wise? Same thing.

The only thing improved was that Alia really knocked it out of the park. She was always a weaker performer (as kids are) but she was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. Maybe even in its heyday she could give them a run for their money, she was that good. Everyone else phoned it in, imo.

It’s not the cast, it’s the writing. I don’t blame them. It isn’t easy getting back into the right mindset to write these episodes.

There are some laughs, but not enough so far(I’ve seen 4 of them).

And that’s worse!

Yes, it was hugely noticeable. Shame.

Oh, great. I’ve watched four episodes of the new season and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Now that I know about it, I’m sure it’ll drive me nuts. Thanks, guys. :wink:

I find adult John Cera so incredibly unlikeable that he ruins every scene he is in for me.

Maybe he’s not too old to go to Milford so he can be neither seen nor heard?

Just watched the first actually funny episode so far.

Episode 6. Yep, it takes about 5 warmup episodes to get to a good one. I think they just have such a tough time coming back with these 5 or 7 year breaks. I would not skip the opening episodes, but it is the one called “Emotional Baggage” that actually made me laugh a lot and smile all the way through.

Buster rushing Ron Howard because he is a skinhead is a great, great moment.

Yes but Michael Cena is great!

Ouch, ouch, ouch, how embarrassing. Can’t stand either of them, though… :smack:

Sounds like I’m not the only one that found episode 6 to be a huge improvement.

Now that’s more like it.

OK, good to know. I’m only four episodes in, and I only kind of half watched the last two episodes in the background while working, as they just weren’t compelling enough. AD, in its stride, is among my Top 5, maybe even number one, comedy series. The sheer density of jokes, clever dialogue, sight gags, metahumor, absurdity, callbacks, wordplay, etc., in the first two seasons is the highest of any show I can remember watching. Somewhere around season three it started to lose a bit of steam, but was still pretty solid. Season 4 was just different. A very different feel than the previous seasons. This one is starting out this way, too, but we’ll see if anything changes for me from episode 6 and beyond.

I think because of that, they shouldn’t pick up five minutes later but do a true time skip. They can voice over, minimal flash backs, to tell us what happened between “then” and “now.”

Has Henry Winkler always been that short, or is he shrinking?


I can’t believe we’re still hearing about:

  • Fake Block
  • Rebel Alley
  • Gob and Tony Wonder

I mean…those were last season’s stuff and we’re still talking about it?

Damn you all. I"m seeing it now and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t think I would have glommed onto it if it wasn’t pointed out. :slight_smile: