Art sites

It’s Midsummer’s Eve, a major party day in Sweden. And, apparently, I have no friends or family, as I’m sitting here all by my lonesome. So I have to find something to do, and I feel like being emotionally affected. Art has a way of doing that. So, Dopers, got any good sites with plenty of great art? Impressionism, realism, pointillism (although I suspect it’s kinda pointless (ha ha, pointless, get it?) to look a pointillist art on teh intarweb) van Gogh, Monet, Hooper, Wyeth, Degas - that’s the kind of stuff I like. Any suggestions?

The Artchive

I bought an O’Keefe print from It’s a fun site to look through, and you can even build a wish list and create galleries (if you’re into that sort of thing). :slight_smile: