Artist ID: "Cry One More Tear"

Trying to ID this song, too …

The music was a bouncy reggae electronica, if you can imagine that. Fairly catchy. Probably club music from the early 90’s.

[Note 1: Not Michael Bolton.]
[Note 2: I think they borrowed the song from William Orbit, swapped out some of the lyrics, and used their own music]

The lyrics as far as I could make out, were:

?? breeze??
Lights shimmering in the trees
If you ? feel like calling?
?? every time you ?

Cry one more tear
One to remember me
When you’re near?
My tears will? come
My tears won’t? come

Necropost, but finally figured this one out.

“My Tears Have Gone” by Bass-o-matic. From the Set The Controls for the Heart of the Bass album.

I like the term necropost

I found the tune online and fratermus certainly seems to have got it right.

I love that for some reason you found a single-post thread from more than 8 years ago and then took it upon yourself to answer this riddle which was posed by someone who posted here for less than a month over 8 years ago.


Ignorance fought, fratermus; you’ve earned this banana sticker!