Artists show your work!

I know there are other Doper artists out there and I hadn’t noticed any art sharing threads lately, so I thought I’d start one. Also I thought I’d start it so I can show off my work.

I’ve been painting for about two and a half years now, and while I don’t harbor any illusions that I’m a great painter, I do think I am getting better. Or I like my stuff at least. You can see all my paintings here; my favorite recent paintings are Field of Flowers and The Distance. Feel free to offer any criticism (or praise) if you like.

So, anyone else wanna share/show off?

My one piece of artwork: Homer, Rendered In Poetry Magnets.

I don’t paint anymore, I branched out into beadwork, here are some examples ( if the link works)

I think I’ve shown a couple of these before, but these are all the pieces I have copies of on this computer:

Acrylic exercise: Pink Lady Apple

Colored pencil exercise: Mandarin Fish

Tshirt design: Hot Seat

Graphic design client: Notepad

Fake flower client: Dragee Bouquets

Christmas catering client: Fur Tree

Design client:Oscar Dress

Hat Samples

Single hat: Blue Box

And here I was expecting some new version of The Odyssey

I’m not sure if this counts, but I’m pretty happy with this website design I did for my short film. The jet plane is a 3D render, and there are png transparencies and overlays throughout.

Actually, I’d be curious if the site looks weird on anybody’s browser.

My latest drawing - “The Golden Hound”

The Workmen

The State of the Union

The Garbagemen

The Aristocrat

Doodle in class

I’m a photographer, and I write about my work.

It’s all in a blog called Talking Pictures.

The stuff on it is fairly old, but here’s a sample gallery of my artwork. Here’s some photography.

I also have a photo blog

For a moment there, I thought you maybe did the Odyssey. Now THAT would be cool.

That little purse is crazy! Just beautiful. How many hours do you have in that piece?

Around 40 hours

Here are a number of my illustrations:

I’m a CG artist. Here’s some stuff I’ve done for some indie films…

SCREEECH! A still from a small shot of a large bat for the horror flick Feast.

My boy Morty for a short film I’m working on.

And if you have QuickTime 7, here’s a Hummingbird I did for this film (among many other things).

Good work all!

I don’t blog, because I just don’t have that much to say (that I can’t say in my pictures) but some of my photos are here.

Here’s a link to a bunch of my paintings, done mostly over the past year and a half. Patterson Street seems a bit reluctant to show but if you hit Monsoon on 4th St and then hit the forward button you can see it.

Wow! Your stuff is really, really cool.

My online portfolio

I think it might be a stretch to call myself an “artist,” but I write and draw an online comic strip called Scandal Sheet! that’s now in its sixth year. I’ve been really trying to take more pains with the artwork lately and I think it shows (if you click over, be sure and check out the archives so you can see how the art’s changed over the years).