Artists who won a unique set of awards

It just came to my mind that Bob Dylan is the only person to have been awarded a Grammy, an Oscar and a Nobel prize. Can you think of other people in the artistic field with a similar unique record? (if someone, say, won a Grammy and a Nobel in chemistry, that would also count, although one award wasn’t for an artistic category)

George Bernard Shaw won an Academy Award (for best adapted screenplay) and a Nobel Prize in Literature.

But Dylan beat him with his Grammies ;). But good one.

GBS was first, though.

Accepted :).

Grammy + Nobel Prize = Barack Obama

Grammy + Nobel Prize + Emmy = Al Gore (he didn’t actually win the Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth)

There was a fun article in the Wall Street Journal discussing some options. They highlighted Lin-Manuel Miranda as a contender for the MacPEGOT (MacArthur Foundation grant, Pulitzer, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). He currently has everything but the Oscar.

Richard Rodgers and Marvin Hamlisch have the PEGOT.

Laura Poitras has the MacPO.

Hedy Lamarr has a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame for her work as an actress, and is in the National Inventors Hall of Fame for her work in “frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology,” which was developed to keep radio-controlled torpedoes from being jammed in WWII, and which, much later, became a cornerstone of tech such as cell phones, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

She allegedly became an inventor because she was bored as an actress (she was frequently cast primarily for her looks).

But at 37, his chances at a Super Bowl ring are fading.

Linus Pauling received a lot of awards. Most in Chemistry, including a Nobel. A lot in Peace, including another Nobel, a Gandhi and a Lenin*. One that’s interesting: he won the Linus Pauling award.

Not too many folk outside of dictators and such win an award named after them.

  • An odd combination of names right there.

According to Entertainment Weekly, 17 people have won both an Oscar and a Razzie, apparently.

James Coco in Only When I Laugh and Amy Irving in *Yentl *were nominated for both for the same role.

Ingmar Bergman won 4 Oscars, a Gish Prize (Bob Dylan also won one), several other awards and a Goethe Prize. The Goethe Prize is especially impressive: only 45 have been awarded since 1927.

People who have won a Goethe Prize and a Nobel Prize include Hermann Hesse, Max Planck, Albert Schweitzer.

Philip Noel-Baker – who authored various books, including a pictorial record – is, apparently, the only person ever to earn both an Olympic medal and a Nobel Prize.

Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony.

IIRC, so did Mel Brooks, who also won a Hugo.

That’s called an EGOT and a dozen people have done that.

So far, only one writer has won Pulitzer Prizes in both Fiction and Drama.

Thornton Wilder

One that came up recently in another thread, was that Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book won both the Newberry (for children’s books) and the Hugo (for science fiction or fantasy).

And the topic calls to mind the Erdös-Bacon Number, the sum of a person’s Erdös number and Bacon number (if a person has both, which relatively few do). The record appears to be Canadian actor Albert M. Chan, with an Erdös number of 3 and a Bacon number of 1. A handful of scientists, including Sagan, Feynman, and Hawking, have a combined number of 6.

It’s very rare to win both a genre award AND a general literary award for the same work.

Last year, “The Sympathizer” by Viet Tranh Nguyen won both the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and an Edgar Award for mysteries.

Queen guitarist (and astrophysicist) Brian May won a number of awards as a member of Queen, including Ivor Novello and Juno Awards, as well as being in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In 2012, he was awarded the Saxby Medal by the Royal Photographic Society, for achievements in “three-dimensional imaging” (he collects and documents Victorian-era stereoscopic images).