Who's the King (or Queen) of artistic awards?

Has any one person ever won an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Emmy and Obie? I think Bette Midler has won the first three, but I’m not sure. Of course, “non-traditional” categories count too, as do shared awards. So even though Matt Damon only shared an Oscar for Best Screenplay, he still goes down as an Oscar Winner.

I know that Rita Moreno has one the first four. She is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the first person to do so.

OK–I need sleep! I meant to type that she won the first four!


Pardon my ignorance, but what’s an Obie? And what is it awarded for?

According to my search an “obie” appears to be an award for off-broadway plays and performers.

I don’t believe anyone won all five.

In addition to Moreno, Barbra Streisand has won the Tony (1), Oscar (twice), Grammy (10), and Emmy (4). She also won ten Golden Globes, which probably makes her the performer with the most awards. (Walt Disney has her topped with 31 Oscars, but those were as a producer). According to one page:

Streisand’s Tony was a “special award,” though, and not in competition. I think all of Moreno’s awards were in competition.

Bob Fosse won an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy

Barbra Streisand has also won a (completely undeserved, IMHO) Peabody award for an HBO concert she did several years ago.

Another thing about Rita Moreno: in addition to the Oscar, Grammy, Tony (all for “West Side Story,” I think) and Emmy (for playing Rita the prostitute on The Rockford Files, she has also won the Heisman Trophy and the Cy Young award. Quite a talent.

Wasn’t Moreno also the first person to win the Calder Trophy and the Lady Byng award in the same year?

From what I can tell, Rita won the Emmy in 1977 for “Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in Variety or Music” for her performance on The Muppet Slow

And I believe Barbra won the Preakness, didn’t she?

No no no! You’ve all got it wrong! Rita Moreno won the Jim Thorpe award in 1981, awarded annually to the best college football defensive back. Sheesh. Get your facts straight, people!

Actually, Alphagene, Barbra won Belmont and Kentucky, but lost Preakness by a nose.

:ducking and running:

I’m surprised at two things not being mentioned:

  1. Someone who wins an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony is called an EGOT.

  2. Rita Moreno should have won an award for yelling “Heeeey yooooou guuuuuys” on The Electric Company.

(As should have Morgan Freeman in his moving portrayal of Easy Reader)


Since Rita Moreno is the only one, I’m surprised anyone’s bothered to coin the term.

If you’ve won the first three, but not the Tony, does that make you an EGO?