"As happy as paper plates may make them, this is going to make them happier."

Credit James Taranto at OpinionJournal.com for locating this NY Times excerpt:

uh huh.
not doing the washing up pales in comparison to having to give birth.

paper plates???
i can think of lots of things that make me happier than disposable flatware…

The sponge scares me.

It doesn’t scare me - I’m pretty happy that it’s back.
Now I just need to find someone to have sex with once I’ve got some and I’ll be a really happy camper.

:waves like an imbecile:

Lsura, give him the spongeworthy interview.

I guess that’s good news. Don’t forget that the sponge doesn’t protect against STDs, though. So…um…be careful.

(I can’t believe that was my 100th post. :smack: )

Huh. I read the guy’s name as Gene Destroyer.

Have they been improved to make them more reliable? Long fingernails+birth control sponge=a now-15-year-old daughter.:eek:

I don’t mean to imply that I’m sorry I had her, but I might have been sorry had my circumstances been worse than they were, you know? As it was, I was 25, her father felt like sticking around and supporting us, and all turned out well. But that was more luck than anything.