Sunday Newspaper Condom Coupons are back...

I get the local newspaper’s Sunday Edition for several useful things, including comics, TV listings, local news and…coupons.
In addition to separate store inserts, there are multipage flyers of different mfr coupons, usually under the name RedPlum or SmartSource. Today I was greeted with Trojan Coupons on the front page of one of these flyers, advertising for Valetine’s Day. While I actually think this is rather cool, I’m wondering what sort of static the advertising managers get because of this ad from those members of the public…eh, less ‘enlighten’?
Apparently Trojan first did this last year, and it seems like it was successfuly enough to warrent doing it again this year, so maybe the adverse response was negligible.

Figures, I don’t have a girlfriend so I can’t really take advantage of this money saving deal - condoms have a shelf lilfe, you know :frowning:

Last week, it was KY Jelly that has the front page on one of those coupon inserts.

Now I know why they’re called inserts.

Why no samples in everybody’s mailbox like they used to do?

Pepper Mill showed me one of these yesterday. I was amazed. I didn’t realize they’d done it before. And I’ve seen their ads on TV recently.

Heh, I saw them too, and was amused enough to show Mr. Horseshoe, who was sitting next to me on the couch anyway. :slight_smile: I think there were coupons on the same page for those his-n-hers gels or whatever that make your bits all tingly/burny. (No, thanks. You go ahead. The Other Shoe makes me tingly enough, thankyouverymuch.)

I wouldn’t think newspaper would provide very much protection.

A condom helps contain the spooge that otherwise would end up on the newspaper’s Page Three Girl photo.