I'll take "Things that women are insanely grateful no longer exist" for $1000, Alex

Apparently, men had spines on their penises 700,000 years ago.

A comment after the article links to a wiki article on “pearly penile papules” that is NSFW(!)

Read that article, now all I can think of are all the “toys”:eek: that have bumps and feelers on them. Too bad we got rid of them on the males :(maybe we wouldn’t have to spend so much money for our thrills.:smiley:

Maybe if women whore around more commonly, they’d come back since the article claims that monogamy got rid of them.

Actually, that kind of sounds like something in an abstinence-based health curriculum, doesn’t it? “If you girls don’t say no, and don’t save yourselves for marriage, your great-great-grandson’s penises might be barbed! You wouldn’t want that, would you?” :eek:

It’d be cool if they were retractable, like a penissy Wolverine!

Especially since that would help keep your spiky penis from getting stuck to your underwear all the time.

“When they come out… does it hurt?”
“Every time.”

Heh, seen on another forum:

“I always knew humans were a bunch of spineless pricks.”

From the link in the OP:

Really appropriate choice of words those. :smiley:

It would make the game of “where did I put the washcloth” easier…

Velcro condoms would be a possibility…

It gives a whole new meaning to the word “boner”.

LOL! Good one!

:smiley: Well, damn, you’re really on fire today, aren’t you?

Happiest guy in human history? The first guy born with the gene for a non-spiked penis. You know he never spent a night alone.

Barbed penises weren’t a selected-for trait, then? I wonder what the mechanism of exclusion was… hmmm…

The picture of pearly penile papules look like taste buds.

Spiny penises and sensory whiskers? We used to be cats!

…wait…so, it’s not supposed to have bones in it?..so, I guess I’m…huh, nevermind…

Furries everywhere are cheering.

“Spiny Penises”. BAND NAME!!