As long as we're doing urinal questions...

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys, when wearing baggy trunks or shorts, always hike up one of the legs in their free hand when standing at the urinal. At least, that’s what it looks like from behind, and I’m not one pursue this thread of investigation further in an empirical manner.

What, exactly, is that for? Is it to avoid getting piss on at least one leg? Personally I’ve never had such aiming problems; I just whip out Mr. Happy with one hand and let fly, and so far I’ve never pissed my pants. What gives?

I’ve never noticed this, but I’d WAG that because they are sporting the baggies that they are just trying to keep their pants/shorts form dropping to their ankles. Their belts/zippers are probably down, right?

Now, if they do this while utilizing the button-belt closed/ zipper open “PEEKABOO” method of peeing, then I have no idea.

  1. You need to find a new hobby.

  2. They’re probably doing the “through-the-leg-hole-sneak,” poking little Elvis out the bottom (and pant leg) instead of unbelting and pulling down. Yank, whizz, done, back in the hangar. Off to fight crime!!!

what i want to know is who keeps eating the canada mints out of the urinal at the 500 club.

One really ** UPLIFTING** thread. Nice goin’ dudes. :wally