Ash vs. Evil Dead - oh yeah!

So this was announced today for Starz. It’s not exactly Evil Dead 4, but it’s certainly as close as we’re going to get now. And yes, it appears there is no “the” before Evil Dead. Odd.

Anyway, it is from Sam Raimi and it does star Bruce Campbell, so that is pretty awesome. Sam Raimi is going to direct the first episode, but I am hearing there will only be 10 half-hour episodes. Half-hour? Whaaaat?

Ash vs. Evil Dead



Lucy Lawless is going to be in now, too. Cool.

I think half-hour episodes could be great, in fact it might even be better if they’re variable-length but not more than 25 minutes. Would like to see more than 10 if there’s a chance of that, though.

Could the title be riffing on ‘Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness’?

There should be one where he fights Suburgatory to prove there’s only one real Evil Dead. Come get some.

This is gonna totally fucking rock!

Or Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, or Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness, or…

The first movie had “the,” the second did not. If we are thinking it means the monsters, they are more properly “Deadites” as of the third movie.

Here is a trailer for the series and it does look awesome!

Ash doesn’t work at S-Mart anymore?

I know, he moved to a Home Depot clone or something?

That’s what it looked like. No more “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.”

Will there at least be some primitive screwheads?

A half-hour scripted show that isn’t a sitcom? Do they even do those anymore, (excluding this show, of course)?

Only a half hour? Ouch.

Well, he needs to do some cardio.

You need to watch Mahaloth’s link. That shit is fucking hilarious!

Gimme some sugar baby!

WHAT is?

The link is an example of the true evil dead: a one-paragraph squib from * Variety* extended into a fully produced video segment with bassy theme music, 3D motion logos, filler from the clip library and a reporter who is all dressed up in his favorite t-shirt, ball cap and mouthful of marbles.

Next time, link to the paragraph and not the ***Vid-Vid-VIDEO YOW VIDEO YOW YOW!


Here ya’ go.

Missed the later link. Thanks.

MUCH better. LOVE the shotgun launcher.